192. LP + Tetsu

I’m actually quite excited blogging about this place haha maybe cos it is one of the most expensive place I’ve ever eaten but there are plenty reasons to it as well. Lp + Tetsu by Laurent Peugeot is a quiet place located at Tanglin Mall. It’s so quiet I have no idea how the shops survive there seriously. Had the menu and surprise planned beforehand for my friend’s birthday so it makes the whole thing even more exciting. There was nobody there at 8pm and it feels kinda weird. LOL like I’m having the whole place to myself. Okay peektures ahead!

Decided to request for a change of table cos the lighting was so dim and for photographers you know it’s a bad thing for food pictures, which they gladly oblige since… there was no one there :]

After changing I realised it didnt help much. haha maybe they should do some lighting changes to their restaurant. I mean maybe they wanna keep their ambience romantic and dim and all but I’m sure they would want their food to be featured as well right.

Played with the cylinder cos I thought they had just flower in it. To my surprise, it’s a fighting fish! GOSH DAMN STRANGE PLEASE. Apparently they have one at every table lah. haha to watch you eat.

Well they have different set menus but I went for the Wander & Savour menu in the end, which is supposedly 7 courses but the whole dinner honestly feels like 10 courses. Also decided to go with the wine pairing which they started off with champagne (a huge glass in fact), 2 whites & a red for me which I couldn’t even finish.

This is.. LOL I cannot remember what. I mean the servers will explain to you what each dish is and how you should go about eating it. Should I call this appetizer #1? I remembered we started eating from the right: Mushroom, Yuzu and something else. It’s interesting. The flavours explode in your mouth, matched off with the biscuit beneath. An interesting mix of choices.

Appetizer #2. Sea urchin with foam. LOL (There’s alot of foam used throughout the whole dinner actually)

Finally the first course! Duck Foie Gras Honey Wine Tube

Which you are supposed to eat with the lollipop and thin crispy bread

I really really like the foie gras. I mean you wouldnt expect foie gras to be eaten in a cream form but it tastes so damn good, especially with the lollipop!

Second course: Confit scallop, assorted mushroom and white truffle

Well, nothing to complain about πŸ™‚ Scallop is well cooked.

Third course: Organic egg with raw and fried ebi

This dish is pretty interesting cos I thought it would be a half boiled egg kinda of dish but no, the yolk was hardened but the white is soft. So I actually put the whole thing in my mouth and I realised okay maybe I shouldnt have eaten it like that -.- and honestly, I was full by this dish already. lol

Fourth course: Itoyori with bamboo clam

One of my least favourite dish. I mean it isnt the food is bad but I prefer all the other choices πŸ™‚

Fifth course: White sausage with burgundy truffle & chestnut pearl

I had this replaced instead of the cheese dish since both of us dont take cheese, which they gladly accommodate!

Sixth course: Milk veal tenderloin

This meat is SOOOO difficult to cut! I dont know if it’s the knife was not sharp enough or the plate they used isnt flat enough. That aside, the meat is quite nice. It’s not tough at all though by then we are both really pretty full already.

Palette cleanser or they called it the pre-dessert

It’s quite nice!

and lastly the final course: Strawberry Tart

oh gosh, this was so damn good, like every piece of it. hahah oh man they do wonderful desserts.

And they ended of with this. Post dessert maybe? lol Somewhat similar to what we had in the beginning but this was the sweet version which I prefer more πŸ˜€ I think I got a sweet tooth. hehe I think it was lychee, some berry & coffee liqueur. I thought it didnt taste like coffee liqueur but he thought otherwise. oh wells.


And the staffs surprised him with this after the dessert. Even though I was the one who planned, I couldn’t help laughing the entire time. I love the pretty handwriting! This was a complimentary birthday cake by them. So sweet πŸ™‚ Well, this is a chocolate cake stuffed with coconut cream. But I really cannot taste the coconut cream. Maybe I was too full by then.


And also, macaroons for you to bring home. This IS DAMN GOOD. hahaha they really do wonderful desserts. Not a doubt πŸ™‚

i had nothing to say about the service. As reviewed, they really have wonderful service. And they will also bother to ask if you are celebrating any occasion. Food wise, I think they really do quite well in this aspect though this was a really expensive dinner. haha so.. be prepared for those of you who intend to come πŸ™‚

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