190. Da Lat part 3

Today’s trip was a relatively short one. We get to wake up later, witnessed a vietnamese wedding (well, sort of) and then head over to Lang BiAng mountains where a sad story lies behind it (okay is your typical guy cannot marry girl, girl dies then mountain come tgt kinda story). I guess the coolest part is the jeep ride and also trying to overcome our leg aches…

ootd day 3!

Found a good spot for outfit shots! lol

Spot the groom!

and his 兄弟團!

Apparently they are setting off to the bride’s place with all the dowry

I was so damn afraid of this horse. It keeps coming towards us!! We dont have food you know. haha

We saw a horse confused with its own identity =]

At ze back of the jeep!

and here’s a picture of Hung! 🙂 He’s really an awesome guide + always taking pictures of you from different angles. LOL

The statue of the guy and the girl and according to the guide, the girls in the village are topless (before marriage)

successful jump shots! yayy

Went on to visit the Lat minority village which was nothing much so we took a quick stroll. The village is really small as I guess there are not many indigenous people living around these days but still, a sight opener as you get to see the living conditions of the folks! After which we made our way to the Golden Valley which was so damn gorgeous. I highly recommend people to visit the golden valley when you are here!

Tobacco plant!

These horses totally ignore us and be on their way. They seem to know where they wanna go. haha

The Golden Valley 🙂

A wonderful picture taken by the awesome guide 🙂

Cherry blossoms!

pretty lavender 🙂

Going great lengths for a photo =/

model shot ftw. hehe

It’s just so windyy and chillax. Good place to meditate!

Visited the pretty rose garden

Well, thats basically the end of our half day trip. We requested for the guide to drop us at Da Lat flower garden cos we wanted to visit it. But sadly, it’s quite disappointing!! So I don’t really recommend people to go there. Visit the golden valley instead! It’s so much prettier, really.

The lake/pond/swamp that was so abandoned! =X

Really not much flowers around

Took a really long walk back to the city centre (like 35 mins – I didn’t realise it’s so far away!) Gosh, we almost died. It was soo tiring. hahah grabbed lunch at Da Lat market cos we wanted to scour the ‘hawker’ area which we did 😀 and then grabbed some pretty interesting pastries before heading back to the hotel to sleep. hahahah we really fell asleep. So damn sleepy please.

Well, the hawker is actually on the other side (not the clothes side). Take the linkway and up the stairs to the third floor and viola! You are there. haha I think they open mainly for breakfast/early lunch. So by the time we are there, the place was pretty quiet. Walked around and finally decided to settle on this stall selling the vietnamese udon noodles. It was a hilarious experience cos they dont know what we want and we dont know what they are selling. The stall owners even laughed at us -.- ohman. So embarrassing.

The stall we decided on

15,000 dong

There, vietnamese udon noodles. haha

Pastry stall!

Tapioca cake maybe?

Ice cream pastry! But it’s not icecream.

Dinner was at Nam Phan. Well, it’s a fine dining place that serves the finest Vietnamese cuisine. We decided to walk to the restaurant since it’s just 15 minutes away. Upon reaching and leaving, we are the only customers. hahahaha and the dinner (well, lunch too) comes in a set menu so that means there’s no ala carte! It’s pretty steep and honestly, unless you are celebrating your anniversary or whatever, try not to come here lah. haha

A very pretty French villa restaurant

The set menu we got

The soup’s not bad

The rice’s not bad too

This IS good

Our bill came up to 1.1 mil each (in dong duh) including the wine + tax. Thats how expensive it is. haha well it’s an experience. I don’t think we ever get to try Vietnamese fine dining in Singapore but I definitely choose Long Hoa over this anytime. Went back to the city centre where it transformed into some talent time competition. We saw crowd gathering around and then people took turns to sing and dance. It’s.. pretty cool and then on the other side, we have people playing shuttercock and badminton. hahaha so awesome right, it’s just like some huge multi purpose area.

Playing remote control cars

but they have no sense of personal space. haha me and Jasmine were totally trying to break away from them

Last shot of the night! 🙂

Doing the last day tgt too since it is a pretty short last day. Well, we spent the late morning at Windmills Cafe to chill and walk around the neighbourhood some more. Honestly, we might just have walked the whole city centre. lol

ootd day 4!

We shared the same expression. No co-ordination at all! haha


Trying to act yi ge Korean but fail. haha completely fail. The locals still think we look Vietnamese -.-

Decided to pay a visit to the other outlet but I think I prefer the one we went at night

Ordered the ice latte creme brule and passion fruit smoothie. Really yummy. I recommend their coffee and hot chocolate really.

This looks like some advertorial shot. haha

Advertorial shot #2

We decided to take the airport shuttle to the airport this time round. Booked the shuttle through our hotel and yes it’s only 40,000 dong per pax. And, we finally get to try pho at HCMC. hahaha can you believe we never managed to try pho all this while? Gosh, the best pho is really in Vietnam. 🙂 For those who been to HCM international airport, you know there’s nth there (yeah it sucks). So spend your time at the shopping centre which is right opposite! You can have better food at the foodcourt there even though the price cannot be compared to street side stalls but still there’s variety.

the small domestic plane

White fluffy clouds 😀

The shopping centre opposite the airport. Okay I know it doesnt look like one.


and a whole bowl of goodness!

Rice noodles w spring roll + grilled pork – a famous hue cuisine. This is damn good too

and ending w dessert 😀

And so.. this basically wraps up my whole Da Lat trip. I don’t know if I would go back there (even though I love it very much) cos.. they are going to open to INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS soon!! Which means it will get more commercialized in 2-3 years time. I like the city the way it is now which you actually see more locals than tourists. Well, I still encourage people to visit this place. heh okay bye folks.

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