193. Omakase burger @ Turf City

Heard raves about this place about being the best beef burger in town so I finally got a chance to go try it one day. Well, getting to turf city is not necessarily the most accessible place so we cabbed from botanic gardens mrt (which was a smart choice cos the weather was sooo hot that day). Was quite shocked to see how much turf city has changed!

A&W root beer float. Slurps. The perfect drink to the insane weather

Omakase cheeseburger + sweet potato fries

Honestly, it’s quite disappointing. I find the bread to be too buttery and the fries somewhat they are just lacking something. Barracks’ sweet potato fries definitely taste much better!

Deluxe cheeseburger + truffle fries!

The truffle fries they are actually not bad. And I prefer this burger to the original’s. Maybe we had gone there with such a high expectation (cos everyone keeps saying it’s good!) but it somehow just didn’t match up and they definitely cannot be compared to shake shack. Shake shack is how awesomeeee. Man I miss their burgers and smoothies and everything else. haha that aside, it was time well spent with the girls šŸ™‚

Well, for those who still want to try, here’s the address!

Omakase Burger

200 Turf Club Road

#01-05 The Grandstand

I’m still finding the best burgers in town! šŸ˜‰

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