Kiten – Kaiseki, Wagyu and Lunch Sets at Cross Street Exchange

I suggested this place for the friend’s birthday lunch cos it was pretty last minute and I was bored of places around the office. I have never tried nor heard of them before so it was exciting to give it a try. The friend was there first and to our surprise, we were seated in the private room which could fit 6 pax


We decided to go for the Kaiseki 5-course menu priced $68+ cos we doubt we would be able to finish the 7-course since both of us were not very hungry. I must say, the staffs were quite attentive and would appear at the right time to clear our dishes for the next course. It made us wonder if they were timing us or spying on us. Lol


Bak Choy w Sakura Ebi
Takenoko Tofu
Deep Fried Squid Roll w Fish



First up, appetizers. The bak choy was actually not bad. It was vinegared nicely to get your appetite started. The tofu was the interesting one. I thought we heard the staff mentioned it was a mochi so we were confused. But it’s definitely more tofu than mochi-like. I told the friend I don’t eat edamame but these chamame were boiled nicely. I finished them all. And finishing it off with the deep fried squid roll which was well, nothing to shout about


Bonito. Flounder, Prawn, Bluefin Tuna, Chutoro, Firefly Squid

The sashimi platter came as a surprise to me cos they were definitely more pieces than what was stated on the menu. I was even more surprised by the quality of the sashimi. It was really, pretty decent


Deep Fried Isaki Fish w Homemade Wasabi Mayo


We liked the fish. It was executed well and a sizable portion too


Spring Vegetables Donabe w Akadashi, Japanese Pickles

I was actually eyeing the donabe from the other menu cos it definitely looked more interesting


Probably the most disappointing. The rice lacked fragrance and would probably be better with more dashi and flavor. I had half the mind to ask for some seaweed to eat it as onigiri. Lol. But at least the pickles were good

Melon Icecream, Sakura Cake

I got an extra cake as well. We really liked the icecream. It didn’t taste artificial surprisingly and the cake was lovely too

When we left the place, there was nobody at the restaurant which was a real surprise. Personally, I thought this place served some pretty decent food at reasonable price point for a mid-tier kind of restaurant. And it’s worth checking it out if you don’t feel like splurging cos besides kaiseki, they do have a wagyu menu and lunch sets too. If I do have some craving for Japanese food during lunch, I know where to go now. But do bear in mind, this place is not your high-end Japanese place so expectations need to be realistic too


181 South Bridge Road

Cross Street Exchange,

#01-04, #01-K3, S(058743)

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