Kaarla – For Business Lunches & Occasions with A View

I been to Kaarla for dinner when they first opened and so this marked my return again, for lunch this time! The friend booked the place so it was a surprise. Even though they only started their lunch service at 12pm, the restaurant was already crowded when I arrived at 12pm sharp. Where did all these people come from? lol. We took a look at the menu, went for the 3-course (priced $72+) and decided quickly since it would probably take them some time to serve the food with those crowd


Complimentary bread

To be honest, I was hungry. But this bread was really good. It was buttery and the herbs infused gave off a nice aroma to it. It was so good the friend and I asked for second portion. lol


Australian Market Oyster, Fig Leaf & Oyster Plant Vinegar $8

Gave this a try and I must say, it tasted strange. Thankfully it was only one piece


Angel Hair Pasta
Hazelnut Citrus Vinaigrette, Sakura Ebi


Loved the crunch from the sakura ebi and the appetising vinaigrette that gave the pasta a good mix. It was decent and nothing to fault on


Western Prawn +$15
Geraldton Wax, Native Tamarind

I remembered the prawns here were very good so I egged the friend to give this a try. And I must say, no regrets. We jokingly said we could end the meal after this dish, even if the rest of the dishes weren’t satisfactory


Charcoal Grilled Iberico Pork
Broccolini, Caramelized Peach, Apple Sauce

The pork was cooked well, tender on the inside, nicely grilled on the outside and was flavourful at the same time


Pan Seared Cod Fish
Sweet Potato, Spinach and Orange Beurre Blanc Sauce 9F25E8CD-B454-4BA1-891F-F16D5FDDF19E_1_201_a

I really liked the fish too. The execution was perfect with a nice crisp skin and the meat sweet and melt-in-your-mouth kind of texture

By the time we finished our bread, appetisers and mains, it was only 12.30pm. We were surprised by the speed of the cook, dishes being served and how fast we ate. lol. It was so fast that they served us coffee (which we never ordered) even before our desserts came out


Single Origin Chocolate +$12
Oabika Foam, Tulakalum 75% Sorbet, Cacao Nib Tuille, Micro Praline, Sherry-soaked Prunes

I wanted something chocolatey but I regretted ordering this. Cos the second bread has sunk in and I was feeling so full. That aside, this was just gao. It was in fact, too chocolatey for me

Coco-Lichi Sorbet
Poached Pear, Aloe Vera, Meringue

The friend was glad hers was a smaller portion and also on the refreshing end. This would definitely be a better option if you wanted something light to end the meal

By the time we paid for the meal and left the restaurant, it was only 1pm. This is by far the most efficient lunch I’ve ever been to. lol. I’m glad the quality of the food has remained the same. I felt that this place makes a good business lunch option or if you have an occasion to celebrate and just wanted somewhere in the CBD area, you can give this a try


88 Market St, #51-02,



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