Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku – Good Quality Yakiniku with Wide Selection at Jewel

We needed a kids’ friendly place or rather, somewhere kids can eat too. So I thought of airport, and decided to check out Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku that opened late last year under En group. The friend jokingly commented only in Singapore where locals go to the airport to eat. The place was empty which was pretty surprising since it was a weekend, but we welcomed the quietness in the restaurant. We made our order quickly cos once again, everyone was very hungry



Condiments to go with your meat


Assorted Kimchi (3 types) $12
We never knew why kimchi goes so well with yakiniku, so we always order when we see it on the menu. And we liked their kimchi. Marinated just right without being too sour. It was a good palate cleanser


Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Tartare $23

Gave the tartare a try and it was delicious. The raw sweetness from the beef, runny yolk and fragrance of the sesame brought the whole dish together


Fugu Mirin $17

Cos we needed something small for the alcohol. It was slightly salty but still bearable


Arabiki Sausage $12

Cos the kids love sausage and I love it too 🙂


Assorted Mushroom $12


Miyazaki Thin-sliced Wagyu Karubi (sukiyaki style) $25

We started with the karubi and we totally struggled with the cooking cos the meat was just sticking to the grill. The staff kindly came over to help us (even though they seemed to be struggling too. Lol) but after awhile, we managed to have some meat on our plate. Really love the combination with the yolk. It was sweet yet you could taste the slightly charred taste of the beef


Wagyu Beef Platter (7 types) $158
Deluxe Miyazaki Marbled Wagyu Karubi
Premium Miyazaki Wagyu Karubi
Premium Miyazaki Wagyu Chuck Roll
Australian Wagyu Karubi in Salt Sauce
Australian Wagyu in Grilling Sauce
Premium Beef Tongue Stick

We were told to start with bottom left and go anticlockwise to the the top. I must say the quality of the beef went from good to heaven. By the time we reached the last serving, everyone was just so satisfied


Miyazaki Wagyu A4-A5 Ribeye $75


This rib-eye needed a little of effort from everyone together due to the large size. It was slightly fattier yet the fats did the meat justice. The meat also got a little more burnt than usual but the end product was worth anticipating. What you got was a melt-in-the-mouth texture with the juice squirting out from the meat as your savour each bite. Ooh, so good. I think the chef cooking the meat is important too. Lol (that’s me) 🙂


Morioka Cold Noodles $18
Japanese Cucumbers, Kimchi,  Bean Sprouts, Spinach Namul topped with Onsen Egg

Probably the best surprise out of the entire meal. The noodles were chewy, so suggest you cut into smaller strands. But the broth alongside the chewy noodles and runny yolk was just so refreshing to have. I would order this anytime. Personally, this was quite a big bowl, so better for sharing

We were so full after that though it was probably one the meals we didn’t feel like we needed to roll out of the restaurant. I say we ordered well this time. Lol. The quality of the beef was good and I felt that prices were probably more reasonable than many places. It’s worth checking out, though they didn’t have that many selection of sake. So on hindsight, we brought our own and paid for corkage ($60+) instead

Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku

78 Airport Boulevard, #01-224

Jewel, Singapore Changi Airport


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