Hearth – For Grilled Dishes and Oden at Tanjong Pagar

Opened by the guys behind Kamoshita oden, the friends and I decided to check out this new joint since I had a good impression of Kamoshita. The friends were there first and had already ordered some oden to start though by the time I arrived, their oden hasn’t arrived. Lol. This place also has a drinking policy in place, so alcohol is a must. They have a pretty wide selection from wine, sake to beer and umeshu so I guessed there is something for everyone. The place was pretty packed so noise level could go up quite a bit as well


And so, here’s our choice of poison for the night


Homemade Tofu, Deep fried Vegetables Salad, Seaweed Dressing $18

To be honest, this wasn’t quite I was expecting. I was expecting tofu with salad, rather salad with tofu. Lol. All I could say was, this was a very healthy plate of salad


Smoked Japanese Pork Ginger Potato Salad $15

The potato salad was delicious. You could taste bits of pork slices in the ball of potato and the garlic crisps gave fragrance and texture to the whole dish


Cod Milt soaked in Marsala Wine Sauce $25

I really liked the shirako though the friends found these too exotic. Lol. It was clean and tasted really appetizing with the wine sauce


Ray Fin $13

Decent snacks, goes well with alcohol, served very hot. lol


Irori-grilled Spanish Mackeral $29

Oh, this sawara was really good. Definitely a must order. The fish was sweet, nicely cooked and it was just so satisfying. And I liked the grated radish that came with it


Irori-grilled Blackthroat Seaperch $120

First time having the whole nodoguro rather than sushi-form. Lol. I was surprised at how big it was when it came. The fish was delicious, and we spent a long time savoring it though I thought the Spanish mackeral was better


Sardine, Grated Radish & Plum $22

We might have ordered too much fish. I think, you can skip this


Seared Wagyu Beef Bottom Round Tataki, Aged Sake Steak Sauce $28


Probably the most disappointing dish. It definitely looked better than it tasted. Perhaps the slices were a little too thick, such that we had problem chewing cos the beef was pretty raw else the flavour was pretty good




Chicken Ball $8  Fish Cake $6


Radish $6


Japanese Pork Belly, Cabbage $8

I found their oden pretty unique, for they have different soup base for each item. So it’s not everything in one bowl. And there was a clear distinct taste in each broth. I know some people preferred it all in one, but this was not bad overall

Grilled Rice Ball, Homemade Miso $12C5ED40D6-A7C5-4E62-B160-49D288F14525_1_201_a

The grilled rice ball reminded me of onigiri, but theirs was a little burnt on the outside. There was a nice balance of crisp rice on the outer layer followed by the softer version inside with a salty miso to balance it all. This was delicious

We didn’t have desserts here cos we wanted icecream next door. Overall, I would recommend their seasonal items. The oden makes a good supporting order if you had drank a little too much. End off with some grilled rice and your meal will be perfect


41 Craig Rd,  Singapore 089679

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