Rhythm Private Dining – Experience Worth Visiting

I first came across Rhythm on IG and had always set my eye on giving it a try. I finally managed to score a table last month when their reservation opened in October last year (talk about planning in advance) and was so finally happy to been able to try it


Location would be revealed upon successful confirmation and the place was actually quite convenient 



The menu can be found on their IG and they do a rotation once every few months and this was our menu

The private dining space was set for 6-8 pax, priced $158 per pax. Drinks were BYO at no corkage charge, so you can bring as many bottles as you want. Lol 


Tamagoyaki | Radish Cake | Chye Poh

Ika | Shirataki | Wakame | Wasabi

Yam | Ginger

Our first appetizers from left to right

Processed with Focos

Inspired from local fried carrot cake, this was their Japanese take on it, tempura style. I was blown away. It had the fragrance and texture of the local carrot cake that you were so familiar with, yet it tasted different with the tamagoyaki sandwiched within, and the small portion of house-made sambal that came alongside. It was so memorable that it was my favorite dish of the night 

Processed with Focos

After a deep-fried local favourite, we went to something refreshing in the form of thinly sliced yam noodles mixed with wasabi and  ponzu sauce. The mixture of the yam with silky squid was a delight and the citrusy finish made you want another portion of it

Processed with Focos

Their take on the 算盘子, this was done really well. The thin slice of burnt crepe that covered the yam mixed with shitake mushroom, it was flavourful and enjoyable to taste 


First dish set the dinner right!


Chawanmushi | Tsukune | Hua Diao303E80E7-AA85-49B8-8132-28DBC0D9B712_1_201_a

We were surprised by the rather big portion of chawanmushi. Cooked in scallop broth, the steamed egg custard was really sweet yet light at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken ball which was bouncy in texture, and the mildly sweet flavour by the mountain yam, finished it off with hua diao which brought out this dish to a whole new level 


Ebi | Assam | Baby Corn | Okura


Meant to serve like a cold salad, the prawns were hidden within, and so were the grilled baby corns. The friends all claimed they were not a fan of baby corns, but this changed their mind. Lol. The grilled baby corn had a nice charred taste, which masked your usual texture/flavour of how corns would be like. But I thought the fried curry dashi foam mixed with assam was memorable, and the taste really lingered on your palate 


Presa | Dang Gui | Rempah | Cabbage

The pork was marinated with rumpa and supposedly when you eat the whole thing together, it would trigger memories of satay. I had to say, it did have some resemblance. The  burnt cabbage was good too and the shiso brought of the flavour of the dish  


Lobster Chazuke | Lemongrass | Sweet Corn | Beer


The lobster was stir-fry lightly and with the scallions, it kinda reminded me of Chinese-style cooking so you could taste the mildly sweet and saltiness from the protein. The broth was really good. Cooked with dashi, pear, prawn, lemongrass and beer, it was light yet you could still taste the umami within. And the scorched rice at the bottom was one not to be missed. The rice was well-cooked and the charred taste from the rice mixed well with the broth to give a pleasant surprise



Calamansi | Pomelo | Winter Melon | Shiso

Using the concept of beer where you get a foamy texture at the end of the drink, this drink was made using calamansi shiso foam, smoked pomelo, wintermelon. You first taste the citrusy flavour of calamansi with bits of crunch pomelo followed the the sweetness of winter melon. I had to say this palate cleanse was creative yet nicely done 


Hojicha | White Chocolate | Shoyu | Coffee


I was only expecting icecream but the haddeok was a surprise. Stuffed with cinnamon and mascorpne sugar, it was warm, chewy and oh so delicious. Another one please

The night was full of laughter and it was an enjoyable dinner with the friends who had a dinner off cos being an adults-only session, they managed to leave their kids at home. The chefs were probably very entertained by us too. At the end of the meal, we were asked which was our favourite dish and there were a few standouts. I guessed what was impressive was we managed to relive the flavours at the end of the meal and some dishes did really leave an impression. It was a dinner that was worth revisiting and I looked forward to the next menu they might bring 

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