Nanjya Monjya – Delicious Okonomiyaki & Garlic Fried Rice at Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Wanted to meet a friend for dinner and I was deliberating where to go since it was CNY day 1 + Sunday which most restaurants would not be opened. I found this place upon a recommendation from a Japanese acquainance and was so glad I had somewhere to go for dinner. lol. Located at Grand Copthorne Waterfront,  this place was actually rather known for their Okonomiyaki though they did a have a pretty wide selection of food menu as well. I looked through the menu and was simply impressed by how many items they had

It seemed like a popular place among Japanese and it was rather crowded that evening

Bottles and bottles of alcohol which were opened by customers

Sawara Sashimi (Yaamaguchi) $35

I actually quite enjoyed the Spanish mackerel which had a smoky taste to it. And paired along their special sashimi shoyu (cos the density of the liquid was quite evident), it was delicious

Yaki Satsuma-Age $18

Grilled deep-fried Fish Cake

Ooh, I loved the fish cake. Grilled lightly with lots of bonito flakes on top, it was a good side dish to go along with some alcohol

Deep Fried Squid w Tartar Sauce $18

Well fried, good texture

Deep Fried Breaded Ham $14

The ham cutlet was not something I’ve come across often but it’s a good fried dish to order if you have too much of a drink

Corn Cream Croquette $15

One of the best I’ve tried. The corn cream was so smooth and the croquette was done so well

Sausage Mori $16

Well, cos I was craving for sausages

Mixed Seafood Okonomiyaki $24

They serve both Okonomiyaki and Monjyayaki but after contemplating, I decided to go with the former. The Okonomiyaki was delicious. With the right batter, cooked just right and generous portion of seafood, I say it’s quite a pretty decent one you could find in Singapore

Garlic Fried Rice $12

Cos the friend wanted some garlic fried rice to end the meal and he insisted going for the full portion. Well, he was lucky that this garlic fried rice was one of the best fried rice we’ve tried. And legit, even better than some of those served in Teppanyaki restaurants. I was impressed

I was glad to find a pretty decent Japanese restaurant on one of the quietest day in the year. And it’s a place I definitely would return. The food in general was delicious and the staffs were friendly. If you are craving for some casual Japanese food, you could give this place a try

Nanjya Monjya

390 Havelock Rd, #01-03/04/05

Waterfront Plaza

Singapore 169664

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