Kai Yakitori – Famous Yakitori at Orchard Plaza Now Has A Reservation Link

The famous Kai Yakitori now has a reservation link (here) which you can booked online so when the friend told me, I immediately made a booking for it. Well, they did away with their ala carte menu so do note they only have an omakase menu priced $188. The menu comes with 3 kind of appetisers, Steamed Dish, Salad of the Day, Seasonal Handrail, 7 kind of Chicken Skewers, 4 kind of Vegetables, Signature Chicken Ramen & Dessert. It did sound like a feast though and we were all ready to dig in for dinner



There’s also a sake policy which every booking needs to order a bottle of sake – so please note



House-made Yuzu Kosho

Their yuzu kosho was delicious and it went well with some of the yakitori we had later on


Pickled Daikon

We also enjoyed the picked daikon alot cos it helped to balance off the grease and oil


Chawanmushi w Shitake & Shio Kombu

It was a huge portion of chawanmushi. To be honest, I didn’t quite like the taste of the chawanmushi. I mean, the texture of the egg was good but somehow I felt like the shio kombu made it a little strange


Ankimo, Yaki Tofu w Nori, Served w Japanese Kailan


The ankimo was nicely done and I really enjoyed the kailan too


I didn’t quite enjoy the texture of the tofu for I felt it was a little too mushy for me

Processed with Focos

Chicken Wings


You can tell the standard of the yakitori from the chicken wings. And I was glad it didn’t disappoint. The wings were so good I could have another portion of it. Crisp, tender and salted right




The chef said the portion of his mushroom is consistent. We joked what if your supplier didn’t have that size that day? No mushroom for the day? 😀

All I could say was the mushroom was really juicy

Processed with Focos

Chicken Leg


The chicken leg was tender and juicy too. It was a very good piece of chicken




Chicken Heart

This was one of the best heart I’ve eaten. For those faint-hearted, just close your eyes, eat them and don’t ask. HAHA. But wow, the texture was amazing. It didn’t have one of those sandy/grainy feel in the mouth so it was really delicious


Chicken Tail


Simply oily, crispy and sinful


Sakura Ebi Salad, which was our salad of the day. I really liked the sakura ebi bits and this bowl of salad accompanied me the entire meal

Processed with Focos

Kinmedai Handroll

We couldn’t hold this for too long cos the seaweed soften incredibly fast and the kindmedai looked like it was gonna drop anytime soon. But it was pretty decent


Chicken Thigh w Leek


Chicken Heart Artillery (Hatsumoto)


Shirako (Add On)

The friend tried her luck at Shirako and so she had it. The texture of the Shirako was good and the grill on it was just right. It was delectable


Japanese Kailan

Processed with Focos

Tachiuo Handroll (Add On)

I definitely preferred the tachiuo to the kinmedai



And it was a good piece of tsukune. Well, I personally think yakitori places need to do their tsukune right too


Japanese Turnip

The turnip (though it’s just turnip) was done very well, and it acted like a palate cleanser after so much meat


Spying on the chef cooking our noodles


Chicken Broth w Ramen

I told the friend. You know the feeling of drinking too much and you need something to wake up. This bowl of broth was it. The noodles were cooked just right too. It was simple yet very comforting


and ending it off with some Black Sesame Ice cream

It was a good meal though I personally find it too expensive for a casual meal. I would probably venture the rest of the restaurants in the building. I felt that Kai Yakitori – it’s those kind where you been there, done that and lets move on. lol. Perhaps if they had stick with their ala carte menu, it would probably give people more reasons to return

Kai Yakitori

150 Orchard Rd

#03-16 Orchard Plaza, S(238841)

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