Torisei – Japanese Kappou-Style Yakitori at Frasers Tower

I came across the opening of Torisei at Frasers Tower and well, decided to give it a try. There’s not much information available about this place, just that it serves a head-to-tail yakitori omakase course at $180+ for dinner. Dinner comprised of a selection of 10 yakitori sticks and some Japanese dishes to wrap it all up



But it’s a surprise given how little information there is, the place was full for dinner. lol


A sneak peek at what we were going to have


A Sip of Broth

We started with a hot broth to get the stomach going. The broth had a nice fragrance to it, like what you would want to have on a cold rainy day. First sip: It’s salty


Chicken Crown

We started with the crown, since this was a head-to-tail experience. The crown tasted super soft. It kinda reminded me of chicken skin


Japanese Cucumber w Miso

Kinda random dish to be served if you ask me. The miso was nice. I liked that it wasn’t too salty. But on second thoughts, this is probably a dish you can make at home


Chicken Fillet w Uni

Oh, the uni was a delight. The sweet creaminess of the uni, alongside a well-cooked tender piece of chicken fillet finished with a salty aftertaste



I thought this was a little salty so I added some chilli powder to it, and viola! It tasted so much better. lol


Seasonal Salad w Chicken Skin

I enjoyed the onion dressing which was really appetising and I liked that the chicken skin, overall, wasn’t too greasy



The heart was good, nicely grilled with a clean taste. Add some chilli powder for that extra kick


Chicken Cutlet w Shiso

I felt that the meat was a little dry and bland, but it was manageable with the shiso and the plum sauce. In fact, without the 2 components, it would have been a disaster


Seared Chicken Thigh

Honestly, wasn’t the most impressed here. There seemed to be something missing here, not sure if it’s the way that it was cooked but the thigh seemed to be a slight underdone and I would definitely prefer the skin to be abit crispier. The only saving grace was the onion/shiso sauce


Liver Mousse on Deep Fried Milk Bread

Pretty average. There doesn’t seem to be much differentiation in the flavours here as I felt everything just came together at one go. The bread was too oily for my liking. I had to say, I definitely had better liver mousse on bread elsewhere


Refresher – White Radish mixed with Shoyu

So the palate cleanser came in the form of grated radish (and you add in your own shoyu). I get radish as a refresher, but shoyu? Seriously?

And overheard: This is quite nice, but it’s quite pathetic



Chicken Gizzard

Well, not to my liking. I find it a little too chewy



The yolk was runny within with a very soft white on the outside. I felt like I was eating those kind of ramen egg


Homemade Meatball served in rich Chicken Stock


Probably the best dish of the night. The meatball was firm, chewy and juicy. The soup was rich and comforting, but wasn’t too oily. It complemented the meatball really nicely


Gazpacho Sherbet

A refreshing palate cleanser with a peppery taste


Torisei Chicken Rice

Supposedly it’s their signature dish. I thought it was pretty creative. Grilled chicken stuffed with chicken rice and that kick of spicy chilli sauce with black sweet sauce The first bite was good. You could taste the smokiness infused with the chicken

The downside I felt, was the chicken itself. It could be more charred, to give off the grilled taste to it. It felt too pale to me and the skin was on the thicker side, which overall was pretty unappealing. And even the presentation, probably, lacking a little here


Asparagus with Cheese

It’s not bad but I thought the asparagus could be sweeter, else it was just a pretty normal yakitori stick


Torisei Cold Noodle

We were given the option between Oyakodon and Noodles and I went for the latter given there was a ‘rice’ dish already. I liked the yuzu broth. It was nice, chilled and refreshing. The chicken breast was tender and done well too. But I found the noodles a little too hard to chew, like to the point that it was taking too much time. I suggest that you go for the Oyakodon instead



So. Normal


Chicken Drum

If I were to pick the best yakitori stick served that evening, it would be this chicken drum. This should be how yakitori taste like. Just grilled to perfection with a glistening and crispy skin and a tender meat within


Chicken Tail

This was pretty decent too. It had a nice chewy and bouncy texture to it


Seasonal Dessert

And finishing off with orange and grapes which was pretty uninspiring 

If I were to sum up my dinner here in one word, it would be: unmemorable. It’s lacking in some way and improvement definitely needed overall. So I suggest you wait awhile before visiting. But I felt that they do serve many dishes for that price point, and that’s probably one worth mentioning. Though you probably would have eaten better yakitori elsewhere in Singapore

Torisei Singapore

182 Cecil Street, #01-02-03

Singapore 069547

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