Sage by Yasunori Doi – An Intimate Dining Experience with Japanese Fusion Menu

We actually made plans to try their Spring menu but cos I was so busy, the meal got rescheduled and it has now become the Summer menu. We had been seeing Sage on IG so often I decided we shall give it a try to see if it lives up to the hype. We went for their omakase menu priced $208++ which consisted of 2 Appetisers, Fish, Chef’s choice of Main, Small Tarte and Dessert


It’s a small place, hence seats were limited which was why reservation was also a challenge. The restaurant was manned by 3 people – main Chef Yasunori, his sous chef and the manager. It was a cozy place, and it felt like you were just going to someone’s kitchen for dinner. Lol


Summer Menu



Starter: Aji w seaweed noodles and bafun uni

We started with one of my favourite fish – Aji, topped with a light grapefruit sauce and a creamy uni. You can taste the umami of the Aji yet alongside the sweetness of the uni. The flavours progressed as you dipped into the seaweed noodles that were mixed with an appetizing sauce


Homemade Sesame Focacci w Flavored Butter


Their homemade bread was delicious. Served piping hot, you can taste the fragrance of the sesame as you enjoy the texture of the bread. And paired with their flavored butter, it makes you just want to have another bite of it


Japanese Cherry Tomato Gazpacho w Stracciatella and Huile d’Olive Sorbet

Served chilled, the cherry tomato soup was sweet and tangy with the right balance. Was more impressed by the olive sorbet, that gave this dish a surprise on another level. And oh, not forgetting the stracciatella cheese that finished the soup with a creamy texture


Ayu-sweet Fish Confit w Cucumber Oil Sauce and Prosclutto and Ao Yuzu

We were pretty surprised we got a whole fish as an appetizer. The fish itself was a delight to have. The meat was fine and sweet and the bones were so fine I was just chewing into it. I thought the sauce went really well with the protein, and they complement each other so that you can enjoy the sweetness of the fish and the refreshing flavour of the sauce as well


Pan Fried Garoupa w Cheese Crust Served w Mussel Soup and Manganji Togarahi Purée


When the fish was first being displayed, the friend confidently mentioned he could cook the fish too. But after eating it, I think maybe we should just eat the fish here. Lol. The fish was really well cooked and I enjoyed the cheese crust which gave it some texture. I thought the mussel soup was good on its own but the pepper purée just elevated it to a different level of surprise


A5 Wagyu, Foie Gras, Truffle

The combination of the wagyu and foie gras was a daring move cos both were heavy in flavours but thankfully the foie gras was not oily and was handled really well to go with the beef. I thought our main was good enough, but I would pick the garoupa anytime


Wagyu Tartare w Caviar

They called this a tarte. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be served as a palate cleanser. I felt like it was more suited to be an appetizer


Wagyu Curry Rice


Known for their wagyu curry rice. The highlight was the curry. Though I felt a little overwhelming after awhile. A small portion would be good enough as you can savour the fragrance of the curry and the tenderness of wagyu beef. You know what would compete the meal? A runny sunny-side up. Ha


Pistachio Panna Cotta w Vanilla Icecream

Look at that smooth panna cotta


Lemon Tart w Cinnamon Caramel Icecream

We got to choose the desserts and we picked the citrusy and the lightest one to finish the meal. Both desserts were made in house, and left us pretty impressed at the flavours as well. I really like how balanced the lemon custard was and the pairing of cinnamon caramel icecream which was so nicely balanced. And the friend, I had never heard him praising a dessert. Lol


I don’t mind going back. But would probably just go for their classic menu next time since the difference in the menu was not great. And would add on the curry rice for the complete experience. It’s an intimate dining experience, and one with pretty decent food being served

Sage by Yasunori Doi

150 Orchard Road,


Orchard Plaza, S(238841)

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