Shatoburian – High Quality Yakiniku at Palais Renaissance

The friend requested for a yakiniku feast on his birthday and after searching for a few, we decided on Shatoburian since not many Japanese places are operating on Sundays and what more, for lunch. Located on the second floor of Palais Renaissance, the restaurant had a simple shopfront but you wouldn’t miss it with its outstanding sake barrel


The restaurant was pretty quiet with not much crowd around. We might be the liveliest lot in the place. And while waiting for the rest of the party to arrive, we decided to get the order in first


Love the little details


We had ordered a lunch set so this was the house salad that came along with it


Kimchi $12

Not exactly cheap, but oh wow, this kimchi was pretty delicious. So much that one plate was gone even before the rest of the food came. Or maybe we were just hungry

Processed with Focos

Shato Sando $58
Toast w Glazed Foie Gras, Chateaubriand Wagyu Beef, Fresh Grated Truffle

Not quite what we expected. We thought they would serve it like your normal sando, but this felt more like a really fancy toast. And the taste was equally fanciful as well. The tender wagyu with a flavourful oily foie gras was such a delectable combination you would have another bite of this


Beef Tongue with Negi $48



A good chewy-like texture, each bite came with a little bounce but it was quite an enjoyable piece of tongue


Rib Kaburi $48
We really like the rib karubi, and would recommend this if you don’t want to take the chateaubriand


Maki Rosu $58



This piece was really good too. We thought the meat might be on the tougher side but we were pleasantly surprised by how tender it was


Chateaubriand $158



One should always give chateaubriand a try. We thought the chateaubriand here was good. But not as memorable as the other pieces / dishes we had. Though we were very glad we had someone to cook for us lest we spoiled the meat. lol


Premium Unagi Don – ‘All in One’ $98
Eel Kabayaki, Glazed Foie Gras, Sea Urchin, Ikura, Onsen Egg, Fresh Shaved Truffles

The rice dishes all came together and there was so much commotion going on cos the cameras need to eat. Lol. But we really like the unagi don. The flavours were like fireworks on your palate and the sauce brought everything together, finishing it off with some truffle and that burst of ikura for the perfect ending



Truffle Mushroom Gohan w Hokkaido White Corn w Shaved Truffle $108 (+$15)



To be honest, the claypot rice paled in comparison to the unagi don mainly cos the flavours were lighter. You could still taste the fragrance of the truffle infused in the rice, and the crunchiness and sweetness of the Hokkaido corn which was the savior. I probably just go for their normal don the next time


Shato-Suki $98
100g Sirloin, Sukiyaki styled served with Japanese Egg




I was so full at this point I gave up on this dish. But my friends all told me to have a bite of this. And I could understand why this being one of their signature dishes. The meat was so tender and mixing with the bright runny yolk was just a delight to have. One bite of this brought us to another world. I would gladly order this anytime

We didn’t have desserts, cos we were so full we wanted to roll out of the restaurant. I think we might have over ordered a little, but fair to say it was a pretty good meal, albeit an expensive one. If you are craving for some quality yakiniku on a weekend, you can give this a try


Palais Renaissance

390 Orchard Road, #02 – 08

Singapore 238871

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