Rosemead – Modern Californian Cuisine at The Now Defunct Black Swan

You will recognise this place from the now defunct Black Swan. Fairly new, Rosemead focuses on modern Californian cuisine, ala-carte style. The restaurant was rather empty when we visited on a Friday evening though the crowd started steaming in much later in the night. The warm tones of the interior gave people a relaxed atmosphere, coupled with the high ceilings, the place exuded a classy vibe




Rosemead Old Fashioned $32

We took a look at the wine list and went wow, and decided to go with cocktails instead which ain’t your average cocktail price either. But we took comfort that the alcohol content was strong, and the drink lasted us the entire dinner


House Rolls & Shiitake w Cultured Butter $19

We went with their recommendations and ordered their house rolls. Best decision of the night. The rolls themselves were deliciously well-baked, lightly charred with a tad of saltiness. I would just have another piece of this anytime



Grass-fed Wagyu Tartare Kampot Pepper Caramel & Lettuce $52

Love the texture of the tartare and also how well balanced the dish was, finished off with a light crunch


Mangrove Crab Tartine, Avocado & Yuzu Citrus $33

Delightful and refreshing to the palate, you could taste the sweetness in the crab, and finishing it off with the creamy avocado


Swordtail Squid & Mussel Green Chilli Harissa $27

Really liked the green chilli harissa which reminded me of green curry. It had the spicy kick in it yet not too overpowering. The smokiness in the mussels were enjoyable and the squid nicely executed


Canary Island Seabass Green Peppercorn & Sauce of Iberico Ham $72

The seabass was nicely done. Love the cook on it and the sauce that went well with it. It was a dish I would order again


Baba Au Rhum & Buddha Hand Citron $18


The amount of rum in this dessert was ooh lala. lol. We initially thought we could ask them to add more to the dish, but one bite of this was more than enough


Burnt Honey Meringue & Malted Milk Chocolate $18

Deep, rich taste of chocolate, for the chocolate lover in you


Sudachi Lime & White Chocolate $18

The contrast of lime and white chocolate was evident. If you had wanted something more citrusy, then you can give this dessert a try as well

In all honesty the food was good but I felt a little too pricey. And it’s not filling. I felt like you need to order a couple more plates of the rolls to made up for it. And comparatively on the price, I would rather pay for those set menu elsewhere where I get 8-9 courses and I feel satisfied from the meal. So despite the quality of the food being there, I felt a little less compelled to back again


19 Cecil Street, Singapore 049704

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