Under Der Linden – Third Brand Concept By Nicole’s Flower

Caught up with a friend over the festive period and we went for a trail walk at Henderson before making our way to Portsdown Road to visit Under Der Linden, the 3rd concept brand under Cafe De Nicole’s Flower. Lunch only commenced at 11.45am and they have already started taking reservations. So reservations are highly recommended cos there are limited seatings available inside


We were surprised to see a bus stop directly outside the cafe (we walked from elsewhere). So even though the location isn’t the most convenient, at least there’s a bus to get there


This was the perfect backdrop for an OOTD shot. lol




Love the Christmas tree the most 😀


The retail end is located at the back of the cafe and it seemed like a good place for workshops as well



Look who wanted a piece of cake? My heart melted. HA


Iced White $7


Mocha $7

We started with some coffee and the coffee was good. Love the mocha with its thickness of the chocolate infused with the caffeine


Nduja Ragu Pappardelle $22

Spicy Nduja, Pecorino Romano Cheese


I thought the pasta was alright. It tasted pretty decent for the first few bites but the slowly the taste wore off on me. And the texture of the pasta can be made better


Ora King Salmon $34

Charred Lettuce, Blistered Tomato, Scallion Broth

Processed with Focos

Definitely preferred the salmon more. Love the cook on the fish and the light scallion broth that accompanied it


Walther Vogelweide $12

Shaken Lychee & Yuzu Infused English Tea

Moving on to desserts which we paired with some tea. The lychee yuzu tea was what you would expect, a great option to go with some cakes


Their cakes were really popular and they disappeared from the chiller pretty fast. So please order in advance


Chamomile Mango Swiss Roulade


Inaya Dark Chocolate Cake $14

 I thought the cakes were good. I wanted to order a portion of the mango cake to-go but it was all gone already. Would definitely come back for the cakes again


Sticking to its previous concepts, the place was done up nicely. And there are no lack of photo-taking opportunities if you don’t find the location inconvenient, that is. That aside, their savoury was pretty average but they do serve some pretty good cakes and drinks. It’s a nice place to catch up with girlfriends or just chill if you happen to be in the area

Under Der Linden

5B Portsdown Road, Singapore 139311

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