Fool – Unconventional Wine Bar at Boon Tat Street

Went to the much anticipated opening of Fool, which now occupied the defunct Cheek Bistro, also helmed by Chef-Owner Rishi Naleendra. They modified the place a little, and as the place was not big to start with, seatings are limited. With its focus now as a wine bar, it’s unconventional from what you would expect from the usual. And the first, the wine menu is extensive. One look at it and I told the wait staff – okay, please recommend one for us. lol


So we got the Leon Barral Vin de France 2017 to start, a white that is very light yet well-bodied with colours like rose and a fruity palate

If you are familiar with Cheek’s menu, you would realise some of the dishes looked somewhat similar, yet different


Chicken Liver Eclair, Date, Madeira $16

And how could we give this delicious yet memorable liver a miss. It used to come as a waffle form, but now has elevated to an eclair, perhaps more atas. Yet the flavour was still as good as it tasted


Grilled Fremantle Octopus, Squid Ink $18

The octopus was well-cooked with a nice charred texture to it


Grilled White Maitake Mushroom, Tamari, Sourdough Dash $18

When the friend knew I ordered this, she asked if we were going vegetarian today. lol. But hey, don’t underestimate this mushroom dish. Turned out the friend did enjoy this very much in the end. You can taste the earthiness of the dish with a nice sourish broth yet pretty well balanced


Buttermilk Fried Quail, Sriracha Mayo $22

This was delicious. Everyone needs a good fried dish to go with alcohol. Enough said


Tochigi A4 Wagyu Striploin 110g $128


The beef was good, even better than the previous place I had dined 2 nights ago. Nicely seasoned, good texture and I liked it wasn’t too oily


Potato Scallops

But the potatoes were even better. They should have a side order for these potatoes. I would order them a second time


Wattleseed Rum Baba, Smoked Vanilla Ice cream $16

Ending the meal with desserts, which was nothing to rave about. It tasted abit strange in my opinion. And the desserts options were limited. Suggest to have your desserts elsewhere


Fool Wine Bar might not be suitable for those with a big appetite or come here famished. Plates are served small and it’s meant to be. The friend even joked we might have to go LPS for satay after dinner. Still, it’s still a chill place to enjoy with a bottle of wine, though music and noise can be abit loud and of course, with delicious small plates


21 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069620

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