Bedrock Origin – Sister Restaurant of Bedrock Bar & Grill Now At Sentosa

The friend wanted to try this place, even though it’s all the way in Sentosa. The sister restaurant of the famed Bedrock Bar & Grill, Bedrock Origin is nestled in the premises of Oasia Resort Sentosa. There were families when we visited and almost all the tables were fully occupied. We guessed it must be a popular dining place for those doing staycation in the area


Their meat showcase



It’s not a big place to start with, so reservations are definitely recommended



Precidacor, Bodega Contador $110

Wanted to go French, but they had it oos so was recommended this Spanish one instead which tasted pretty decent as well. It was one that was easy to drink


King Crab Cake with Apple Tartare Sauce $32

The crab cake was good, and as the friends put it, it was one of the better ones they had


Black Truffle Fries $18


Mac N Cheese $22


Creamed Spinach, Poached Egg $18


We had a trio of sides to go along with our steaks. The fries were okay, nothing memorable. But order the Mac N Cheese – it was delicious, and that coming from someone who don’t really eat Mac N Cheese. The creamed spinach was good too, so much that the friend wanted to try recreate it at home. lol


Aged Keisan Wagyu Striploin 250g $138 with Whisky Mustard Sauce

Moving on to the highlights! In all honesty, the highlights weren’t much of a highlight. I would have expected a melt-in-the-mouth kind of texture in Wagyu but it was just.. hmm, tasted alright. There wasn’t any stars in my eyes after eating


Dry-Aged USDA Ribeye 300g with Red Wine Sauce $108

And well, after the wagyu, this tasted even more normal. lol. It was a little more medium than medium-rare because of the texture. The steaks in general were more charred (and you could taste them) and also, a little more oily in general


Moving on to desserts


Waffle Ice cream Sandwich $20

Hokey Pokey Ice cream, Chocolate Sauce

Ooh, this waffle icecream was pretty good. The crispy and soft waffles with a chocolatey + vanilla icecream was a good end to the meal


Lava Cake $14

Matcha Marshmallow, Vanilla Ice cream

There was a choice between matcha and salted caramel but we thought matcha would be a less sweet option. And I must say the matcha lava cake was pretty decent too. Definitely something different for a choice of dessert


I wouldn’t say I had a bad meal here, but it wasn’t any fantastic either. To me, it was just alright. I felt there are definitely better steak options in the city area and you absolutely do not need to go all the way to Sentosa for this meal

Bedrock Origin

Oasia Resort Sentosa Hotel,

23 Beach View, Palawan Ridge, 01-02


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