MO Bar – Weekend Brunch at Mandarin Oriental with Free-Flow Booze Buffet

Since the friend likes to drink and it’s her birthday, we suggested trying MO Bar weekend brunch ($98 per pax) with the option to add on $58 for 2 hours free-flow champagne and selected cocktails. It was our first time to MO Bar and we were impressed with what greeted us when we entered


It covers quite a big space with a grandeur-like interior, yet oozing a cozy and classy atmosphere. Not a bad suggestion for a date night here either


We were so comfortable in there at some point we wanted to just nap on the couches. lol


They were quick to start with a flute each while we took our time to decide on the menu

The menu works like this: each person is entitled to 3 options from the entire meal. The seafood platter is already included, so you can take your pick from the rest of the options. So if you are going with a bigger party, you get to try more (eg: 5 pax x 3 = 15 items). I say it’s definitely more worth it to go with more people


Cheers to happy weekend


Gao (Ho Chi Minh)

Juniper, Jasmine, Calamansi

This was really easy to drink. It kinda reminded me of sour plum with a little soda added to it

They only have 2 cocktails which entitled you to the free-flow, namely this and Journey (Manila). So we decided to have even more drinks cos the entire menu looks good (and also we spent so much time looking at it). Half of us were deciding which ones are stronger, the other half wanted cocktails that look good in pictures #priorities


Moka $24

Rum, Chocolate, Banana

This was strong. But we like it with the taste of chocolate. You have it sweet, followed by the smooth rum and ending it with a dried caramelised banana

Processed with Focos

Lunduso $22

Rum, Black Rice, Sesame

This was even stronger. Sad it didn’t look like what was presented on photos. For a moment, I thought I was drinking rum on the rocks


Sarimanok $24

Rum, Mango, Citrus

With an edible rice paper


So pretty to look at, and one that was very easy to drink too. The drink gave a very refreshing feel overall, and finishing it with some mango sweetness


Milkyway $24

Whiskey, Oolong, Brown Sugar

We really like this. The milky tea taste with a slight coconut flavour, yet reminded us of bubble tea

I know, that’s a lot of drinks and they silently filled up your champagne. So it was non-stop drinking


Seafood Platter

Seasonal Oysters, Prawns, Snow Crab, Maine Lobster


We got a shock when the seafood platter came, but more so cos everyone was entitled to one plate each. And since 2 of them don’t eat oysters, the remaining 2 get to have half a dozen of oysters each, which makes it even more value for money

The prawns were fresh and the snow crab leg very sweet (though too much of seafood taste). The lobster was nothing to rave about and the oysters were decent

Processed with Focos

Wild Mushroom Soup with Garlic Toast

A very decent, earthy bowl of mushroom soup



Indian Spices, Potatoes & Green Peas, Mango Chutney

Not our favourite. I say give this a miss


Taiwanese Beef Noodles

Chinese Noodles, Braised Short Ribs & Tendon, Superior Broth

The best part of this was the broth. It was amazing. You can just have the noodles and the broth and your tummy is happy already


Tagliatelle Tartufo

Black Truffle Creamy Sauce, Roasted Mushrooms


I thought the tagliatelle as pretty good too. Cooked al dente, infused with a creamy texture. It was quite a decent bowl of carbs


Hong Kong Style Steamed Cod

Black Cod Fillet, Soy Sauce, Spring Onion, Vegetables, Jasmine Rice

Love the smooth texture on the cod and how well it was cooked. We wanted second portions of this, until the beef cheeks came


Braised Angus Beef Cheeks

Wine Sauce, Roasted Mushrooms, Mashed Potatoes

Very tender beef cheeks with a rich flavourful texture. We wanted second portions of this, until the beef burger came. lol


MO Bar Burger

Beef Patty, Bacon, Cheddar, Lettuce, Potato Wedges


The burger came in a tiny portion, thank goodness. With the amount of food we had, we were struggling to finish them. But it was so good we had to order a second portion of it. Love the juicy patty with a super crispy bacon and well cooked wedges. And the buns, worth a mention too. But sadly when our second portion came, it was less impressive. The patty was drier, the bacon not crispy and it was disappointing


Butter Chicken

Tandoori Chicken Tenders, Tomato Gravy, Basmatic Rice, Naan

Processed with Focos

The butter chicken is a must order and was recommended by the service staffs too. The naan served warm, soft with a crispy base (a little charred too) went so well with the delicious gravy. We told them to replace the rice with naan, so in the end we had double portions of naan. lol. We went for second serving too, but alas, the naan somehow tasted better the first round


Ending the meal with desserts (Almost there!)


Strawberry Vanilla Cheese Mousse

Strawberry & Vanilla Mousse, Strawberry Marmalade, Lemon Pan De Genes


Grand Cru Chocolate

72% Bitter Dark Chocolate Mousse, Cacao Genoise, Hazelnut Praline Feuilletine

I thought both desserts were good. I didn’t expect much from the strawberry vanilla mousse, but it was surprisingly enjoyable. Flavours were balanced and not too much. And the chocolate, just concluded the meal on a sweet note


Menu for those who are interested. The selection would make you feel like a trip round the world. lol

We had a good time here, with quality food, drinks and an impeccable service. If you are thinking of a place to hang out with your girlfriends or enjoy the weekend away, I’ll definitely recommend MO Bar and I can understand why they are on the list of Asia’s 50 best bar


Mandarin Oriental Singapore

5 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039797

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