Pasta Bar – A Place for Pasta Lovers

This meal at Pasta Bar didn’t come easy. Everytime we made a reservation, Singapore goes into lockdown/heightened alert so we were skeptical if we were actually going to dine there. Well, we eventually did, and with much anticipation of course. Pasta Bar is located at Keong Saik road alongside many restaurants that reside there. And it proved to be a popular place with the restaurant packed with diners


It’s not a big place but it gives off a cozy and homely atmosphere



Complimentary bread, served warm


Burrata 250g Grilled Summer Squash, Rocket Pesto, Honey & Balsamic Vinaigrette, Pumpkin & Granola $40

Ordered an antipasti to start and made a choice with the Burrata. Love the creamy texture with fresh rocket leaves but I thought what stole the limelight was the honey & balsamic vinaigrette that kept you wanting for more


Sea Urchin Tagliolini, Sea Urchin Cream, Tobiko, Chives $35

Love the texture of the tagliolini and thought it complements well with the sea urchin cream. But it does feel too heavy after awhile and definitely recommended to share with the table

Processed with Focos

Truffle Fettuccini, Truffle Butter, Fresh Shaved Black Truffle, Parmigiano $46

Ooh, we love the truffle fettuccini. I thought the fettuccini was well made and nicely done and the truffle aroma was infused with every strand. It’s so delicious you will finish this in no time

Processed with Focos

Grilled Pork Collar, Roasted Cauliflower Puree, Brussel Sprouts, Nduja Oil $42


The friend’s first comment – wah! reminds me of char siew. HA. Indeed, they had some similarity, but this is the ang moh version. The flavours were good and the pork was so tender with fats melting in your mouth. Eat it with a side of brussel sprouts and some puree and viola!


Pistachio Millefoglie $14

Puff Pastry, Pistachio Mascarporne, Honey

Ending the meal with some desserts cos there’s always space for desserts. But, hmm it wasn’t quite what we expected. It was really sweet (and after that we asked the service staff if it’s meant to be this sweet and they said yes), to the point where I just have two spoonfuls and it’s enough. There was also taste of almond in it, which the friend didn’t like, so we left this unfinished

Overall I felt that they serve pretty good pasta and as the friend said – you can really taste that it’s handmade. lol. Wouldn’t mind returning to try the other options, though I felt prices are on the higher end. But well, if you really are a fan of pasta, it’s still worth giving a try

Pasta Bar

55  Keong Saik Road #01-05


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