Bearded Bella – Opens Their 2nd Outlet at Bukit Timah

Went to the newly opened outlet of Bearded Bella located at Hillcrest or if you are more familiar with Greenwood avenue, they are located along the same stretch. The cafe feels like they really just opened recently since we spot the congratulatory flower stands still outside. The place was surprisingly not that crowded as we saw a few empty tables during the pockets of time we were there. Maybe not many are aware yet, or.. people rather stay home instead



We like how the interior gave a rustic and comfortable atmosphere, good for chilling over a cup of coffee and spending your weekend away


White Coffee $5 (5oz) $5.50 (8oz)

A smooth, nutty cup of wake-me-up coffee

Processed with Focos

Salmon, Pistachio, Rosti $22

Pistachio crusted Norwegian Salmon, Potato Rosti, Watercress & Rocket Salad, Citrus Mint Mayo


I had wanted to order many items on the menu and the friend eventually asked me to decide. And you know when you hand me the decision, it’s not just gonna be one item. LOL. So we had the salmon rosti with a side of scrambled eggs and chorizo

Processed with Focos

I thought the salmon rosti was good. Love the cook on the fish, the nutty pistachio with the fragrance and flavour and the bed of crispy thin strands of potato. Also with some greens to go along for a healthy balanced meal. The scrambled eggs were nice too, but I didn’t quite like the texture of the chorizo

Processed with Focos

Pain Perdu (Fancy French Toast) $20

Pan-fried Brioche, Pink Guava Compote, Vanilla Bean Ice cream & Cardamom

To be honest, we were rather full after our first dish so when we moved on to tackle the french toast, it was a struggle. The french toasts were moist and the pink guava compote gave it some texture. But I felt it was nothing amazing, it was average at best

I thought prices were pretty reasonable for the portion they gave. They currently do not accept reservations (for now) so for those living in the area, you can drop by for some weekend delights

Bearded Bella

73 Hillcrest Road

Singapore 288945

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