Kotuwa – Sri Lankan Flavours at Wanderlust Hotel

The friend wanted to try Kotuwa. I was like wah, so adventurous! This place is really popular, and probably more now since it made it to the Bib Gourmand list, so remember to make your reservations way in advance. The restaurant caters to 2 seatings and the friends were already seated before I reached. We ordered a lot. It was literally one item from every section. I was impressed 3 girls finished most of it or either that we starved ourselves for this meal


Love the interior of the place, giving a classy yet cozy atmosphere

Starting with drinks..


Arugam Bay $22

Tequila, Cointreau, Tamarind, Achcharu Brine

Processed with Focos

Nivaveli $22

White Rum, Blue Pea, Pandan, Whey


Pigeon Island Iced Tea $22

Ceylon Arrack, Rum, Tequila, Spiced Tea, Ginger Beer


Crab Cutlet $16

Sri Lankan style Croquettes with Spiced Crab Meat Brandade

Starting with the crab cutlet, love the nicely executed croquettes with a full filling packed with crab flavour. You can add the chilli for extra spice but I thought the croquettes taste pretty decent on their own


I felt like we were having a feast


Egg Hopper $6

It’s like a combination of prata and pancake. It was good, like a side snack or if you simply want as something to share

Processed with Focos

Today’s Special – French Beans

The vegetables were really crunchy and it goes well with the rice and crab curry. It was a delectable combination


Poricha Erachi $28

Fried Beef Cheeks in Sweet Tamarind, Chilli & Lime

Served cold, this was the spiciest and it also surprised us all. I thought the onions and tomatoes gave great texture to the dish but when you unknowingly eat the chilli padi, it was also an explosion of flavours. The fried beef cheek was tender but to be honest other than this dish being spicy, I can’t remember anything else about it


Gotu Kola Sambol $8

Pennywort Salad w Coconut, Lime & Green Chilli

We were worried all the dishes will turn out too spicy hence we ordered yellow rice and this coconut as a side to go along. You can taste the fragrance of the coconut and a little bit of lime and chilli to balance it all. It was interesting but probably not something I would order again

Processed with Focos

Chicken Kottu $22

Chopped up Rotti Cooked with Vegetables, Egg & Gravy

I thought the chicken kottu was delicious,, especially when you can taste the bits of soft rotti packed with a punch of flavours


Crab Curry

Sri Lankan Mud Crab Cooked w Cumin, Fenugreek, Chilli & Coconut

Cos ‘Sri Lankan’ crabs and it was a recommended dish to try. We love the deep flavour of the curry. Hearty, comforting, without being too spicy served with fresh and sweet crabs, it was delicious. They gave gloves for you to eat the crabs but even so, I felt there was still a need to wash the hands after that. Perhaps wet wipes might be useful here since diners have to put on their masks with their hands before heading to the washroom


Chocolate Biscuit Pudding $16

Marie Biscuits and Valrhona Chocolate Parfait

When this dish was served, it was a one-liner introduction as compared to the one. We then decided to tackle this first. Hmm, we didn’t quite like the texture of it and the flavours were pretty monotone. It was just sweet lor

Processed with Focos

Watalappam Tart $16

Coconut Custard w Jaggery, Pistachio, Candied Orange & Spices

Definitely the better out of the two, we like the different contrast in flavours and the aftertaste of the cinnamon though generally it’s still on the sweeter side

I say Kotuwa was an interesting meal. I never had Sri Lankan food before hence there was no benchmark to compare but in general, I thought the dishes were tasty. I only realized how much spices they used in their dishes when I woke up with an upset stomach the next day and suffered for the rest of the day (To be fair, the friend too). Would I go back again? Not anytime soon. I don’t think the flavours are suitable for an everyday palate and I worry for my weak stomach too. lol


2 Dickson Road,

First floor within Wanderlust Hotel

Singapore 209494

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