Kakiin Oyster Bar – My New Favourite Place

I chanced upon this place on IG and decided to make a trip down. Located at Orchard Plaza, this building seemed like a popular choice for Japanese eateries. They have 2 seating for reservations but it felt like a popular place when the place gets filled up pretty easily. And even while I was standing outside waiting for 8.15pm to strike exactly, I heard comments from passer-by pointing out – oh! This place is really good! And hence, made me really excited for dinner


Stepping into Kakiin felt like being in Japan. It is a small, simple and quaint eatery with seats around the bar table and sake bottles filling up at the back. They usually run on 3 staffs but one of the staffer was out, hence leaving 2 to run the whole show. Despite that, food came out orderly and leaving everyone with a happy tummy



Assorted Live Oyster Platter ½ Dozen $29


Since this is an oyster bar, we definitely have to give the oyster a try. Serving the Irish and US oysters that night, the US oysters were stellar and we didn’t know a drop of truffle oil can go so well


Grilled Oyster 2 pcs (Garlic Butter) $12

Was less impressed by the grilled version. They tasted rather normal


Salmon Avocado Tartar w Premium Egg $14


I’m not a fan of avocado but I must say this surprised me on every level. It was so good I think I’m gonna order this everytime I go back. The fresh salmon bits + smooth avocado + creamy egg wrapped in crispy seaweed


Steamed Clam $16

The friend asked why every Jap place you go must order this?? HA. Okay, I will skip the next time round. But I like seafood, and I really like it more than my meat. Back to the dish, the broth was good. It felt like something you should have if you have drank too much. But I thought the clams were a little sandy



Prawn White Mapo-Tofu w Prawn Crisp $19


Surprisingly a favourite among Japanese. And definitely not what we expecting. Though I must say it was good enough for me to take another bite. If you like tofu with a little bit of spice, you can give this a try


Beef Tongue $23

The pepper and miso really brought out the taste of the chewy tongue


Chicken Thigh $14


Such a picture-worthy piece. This was delicious. Think crispy skin, tender meat on a bed of flavourful sauce to go along


Hokkaido Beef Sirloin $52


The ribeye ran out, so they replaced with sirloin. It was tender but also rather fatty. In fact, too fatty for my liking


Oyster Garlic Fried Rice $19

I felt like the fried rice concluded the meal perfectly. It was fragrant, appetizing and we liked how the oysters added some form of texture. We practically finished it even though we were so full by then

There’s no dessert here, though I definitely don’t mind some icecream 😉

It was a surprise find, but glad I chanced upon this place. Good food makes me happy. Without a doubt, this place is going to be on my re-visit list. I can’t wait to try the other dishes already

Kakiin Oyster Bar

150 Orchard Rd, #01-37

Orchard Plaza

Singapore 238841

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