Museum of Ice Cream Singapore – It’s So Pink! Not Your Any Museum

Once in awhile I might do non-food related posts, if I have the mood for it. lol. The friend suggested to visit a museum and I said okay, I’ve booked the tickets for MOIC. They were like great! what is it about? I went.. no idea. LOL (that was before they had any information/reviews on it) and thus that started our trip to Dempsey. It was a really sunny Saturday, not a bad idea for an ice cream day out


They allow guests in by batches so even if you have booked a certain time slot, you don’t have to worry about jostling with a big crowd or getting photobombed unnecessarily


You need to come up with an ice cream name, well, purely for the fun of it


And so, say hello to Baileys Chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚


The first installation you see. It has something to do with turning the lever so that the ball can roll all the way down. Honestly, more for kids. But I have to say the photos turn out quite nicely


Moving on, reminds me of Hawaii


And because this place is for the gram, it kickstarted our photo taking session for the next 2 – 2.5 hours


You just need sand and the beach to complete this


Our first treat: Pina Colada icecream


I felt like I will go dizzy if I look at this any longer though I have to say, it turns out well for photos


Second treat: Mix of Apple Crumble + Vanilla soft serve with Rainbow Sprinkles



And because the only time you can put down your mask is when you got an icecream on hand ๐Ÿ™‚


Thought this was really cute. Reminded me of Up


Bouncy Castle. Took half of our energy away. Even better when there was no crowd after us so we bounced till we tired



I’m actually impressed the photos came out in different shades of pink when the room was only in one shade. I’m not sure if it’s the iPhone problem or it was meant to be this way. In any case, it looked quite pretty


Third treat: Pulut Hitam Potong


And we went into the ever-changing light installation


See, Hear, Speak No Evil


Love the unicorn old school playground


Where we got a lychee icecream with wafer biscuit


The swing was rather enjoyable. No wonder the little girl didn’t want to come down. So we waited very long for it. lol #diediealsomusttake


And because the friend said this shot made my legs looked longer. HEE



It’s an interesting choice of decoration they used for this


Last treat: Some healthy ball that had coconut and pineapple in it

Tasted strange. You can skip it


Well, probably more engaging for kids. But the friend really went to build a truck. lol and so I did my tiktok



Final installation: The Sprinkle Pool!

We spent so much time in here. It was more fun than it looked


And that concluded the end of our museum trip. Even though we went on a Saturday, it wasn’t that bad. There are pockets of time where you have no one in your background. I say you would definitely be spoilt for choices to choose your display picture if masks could be taken off. Even so, I thought it was still an enjoyable experience. But perhaps go with like-minded friends. I was shocked to see we had taken a combined 388 pictures and videos for that 2.5 hours when I was transferring the files to my drive

Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

100 Loewen Road, Singapore 248837

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