Ren Lounge – Japanese Omakase in a Bar

Ren Lounge was one of those I’ve saved during P2HA and decided to try when dine-in resumes. This place for those unfamiliar with South Beach area is located facing Suntec cos I took awhile to find it. Helmed by Chef Samuel who had gained experience from Shinji at St Regis, I was the only one for lunch which felt a little daunting. HA.


It was an interesting place. Diners have the option to dine at the bar and watch the chef or prefer the usage of tables for bigger parties


I went for the Yuki Omakase priced at $100 which consists of Seasonal Appetisers, Sashimi, Sushi, Soup & Dessert


Seasonal Appetisers

The appetisers came in an array of colours which was presented beautifully


Japanese Figs w Dashi Jelly

Starting with the Japanese Figs, I thought they were really good. It was so sweet you probably didn’t guess they are figs if you close your eyes

Processed with Focos

Herring Roe

Which was rather interesting

Processed with Focos

Braised Octopus

The octopus was tasty too and had a nice chewy texture to it


Amberjack (right) | Baby Shrimp (Left)


Marinated Lean Tuna (right) | Yellowjack

I thought the sashimi were decent. And I was ready for the sushi course to see how it goes



First up! To be honest, I thought the quality of the ika could be better. It was hmm meh. But the cook on the rice and warmth was just right. Though I prefer the vinegar to be slightly stronger / more distinct cos it just disappeared after awhile



The vinegar came through slightly here with the sweetness of the fish





I say the kinmedai was good












Handroll with Negi Toro and Japanese Pickles




Miso Soup


Okinawa Mango | Nagawa Grapes

Fruits to end the meal which had a good balance of acidity and sweetness

There were hits and misses but probably more misses since they are still in their soft launch. I think the sushi were generally okay and menu was decently priced. I could taste the sinew in the chutoro and otoro which was slightly disappointing. It was a slight bit, but yes, you can still taste it. Halfway through the service staff came over upon seeing I was busy typing notes and asked me for feedback. And so I told them, look, your bar seats are a little high and it gives diners an uncomfortable experience. I’m already quite short so I don’t know how taller people will feel. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling this way judging from the feedback. This place isn’t your traditional omakase and I’m sure the owner/s wanted to make it that way. But when people eat omakase, they aren’t just paying for the food but they are also paying for the whole experience and I felt like they should take this into consideration

But perhaps I’ve been too honest about my feedback. When I left, the Chef didn’t even say thank you or bye and he was standing infront of me. OOPS

Would I return? Maybe, one day.

Ren Lounge

South Beach Tower

30 Beach Road, #01-01

Singapore 189763

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