True Breakfast – Serving Taiwanese Breakfast at Cuppage

It’s not often you find a cafe serving an array of Taiwanese breakfast in Singapore and I really missed those times in Taiwan where you get simple hot piping breakfast just below the 民宿. So when I chanced upon True Breakfast on IG, we decided to make our way down on their Grand Opening day to try. There was already a line when we reached and it took an average 30 minutes wait before we got our table. The place isn’t big and with safe distancing measures in place, you just need to be prepared to wait


Processed with Focos

Iced Milk Tea $2.50 (left) Cafe Latte $4.50 (right)

You can choose the sugar level for the drinks. I chose 0% for my milk tea and lets just say it doesn’t taste like Taiwanese milk tea at all. LOL. Maybe I should have gone for the 25% instead. Don’t get me wrong, you can taste the fragrance of the tea, just that it wasn’t sweet at all, which tasted slightly different from expectations


Scallion Pancake $4


Or otherwise known as 蔥油餅. I really like True Breakfast’s version of scallion pancake. It’s crispy, flavourful and tasted delicious with their special sauce. Definitely worth trying


Ham & Eggs Omelette $4

I’m less of a fan on this cos it tasted pretty ordinary to me. Maybe you can give the pork floss one a try since it’s one of their popular dishes


Pan Fried Noodles with Black Pepper Sauce & Fried Egg $4.80

Processed with Focos

This black pepper noodles is definitely enough to fill you. Hearty and armed with a distinct taste of black pepper, the noodles were well cooked and tasted even better with a runny yolk


Pork Chop & Egg Sandwich $5

We dabao-ed the sandwiches home to try as well. Not quite what I was expecting. I was imagining a crispy pork chop. Then again, I’m not sure if it’s cos we dabao-ed, the sandwich tasted like.. sandwich. It felt like something we can make at home so it was pretty disappointing in my opinion


Showed my cousin who is based in Taiwan my breakfast and she went wah, this looks like what I eat everyday. lol so I guess it’s pretty authentic in a way


They do serve lunch and dinner as well so there’s rice and noodles dishes on the menu. I would love to try their braised meat rice one day, to see if it’s any good. Else, if you are missing a piece of Taiwan, the scallion pancake is worth ordering

True Breakfast

5 Koek Rd, #B1-19/20

Singapore 228796

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