The Brewing Ground – Beautiful Cafe with Insta-worthy Scrambled Eggs

The Brewing Ground at Joo Chiat is a beautiful space. With natural light coming into the cafe, you find the place decorated with greeneries and wooden fixtures to give a relaxed and warm atmosphere. The location is a little hidden and if you come by public transport, you will need to walk a distance


The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seatings for those who prefer to enjoy the natural breeze (The outdoor seats are actually quite popular especially for pet owners)


Breakfast 🙂

Processed with Focos

White $5.50

To be honest, I didn’t really like their coffee. It was more on the acidic side and it tasted too light. It was a less-than-average cup of coffee


Peranakan Kueh Platter $8

Ondeh Ondeh, Kueh Kosui, Kueh Salat, Rempah Udang

Processed with Focos

You have to get the whole mixed platter if you want to try their famous peranakan kueh which is easily sold out. I thought their ondeh ondeh and kueh salat were good, rempah udang was decent but the kueh salat was pretty meh. It was too soft for my liking and it lacked fragrance, like just not enough


Build Your Breakfast $8

2 Toasts & 2 Eggs

Add on: Pork Sausage $5 | Sautéed Mushrooms $4.50

Moving on to mains, the Breakfast Burger actually caught my eye on IG but unfortunately I was too early as the item was only available at 10am. So I decided to build my own breakfast instead. The scrambled egg was really good and definitely worth a try. The sausage was decent as well. I didn’t like the texture of the mushrooms and the flavour was just pretty ordinary.


There’s no lack of cafes in the East. Google and you will find a handful. The Brewing Ground might not be the most impressionable but if you happen to be in the area, the cafe can still be one to chill and catch up with friends

The Brewing Ground

406 Joo Chiat Place, #01-24

The Yards

Singapore 428084

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