Fukuda Yakitori – Hole-In-The-Wall Restaurant Serving Yakitori Omakase

Was thinking of places to go for dinner cos I wanted to drink the sake I bought and the friend suggested Fukuda Yakitori at Orchard Plaza. I have never heard of the place but being the adventurous me, I managed to make a reservation 3 days ahead at this tiny yakitori place. They have 2 seatings: 6-8pm and 8.30-10.15pm and the place is so tiny there are only 5 seats at the counter and another 2 at the side. I wonder how the friend found out about this place


Aramasa No 6 X-Type

The corkage fee is charged at $60 but they do 1-for-1 here. After looking at their sake menu, I decided we were just gonna pay the corkage instead

In any case, I hope the friend stocks up on this sake going forward *hint hint*

They only had one menu: Yakitori Omakase priced at $68 consisting of 5 kinds of appetiser, Omakase Kushi 10 pieces and small rice bowl with soup. We were offered a more premium beef menu as well so we took one menu each to try


Cabbage with Yuzu

A very normal-looking dish but one to have while you were having some oily yakitori


(From left) Chicken Mousse, Cheese Tofu, Salmon, Jellyfish

The flavours were on the heavier end but I thought the cheese tofu was impressive. It was not too heavy yet you can still taste the cheese in it

And starting our sticks..




Chicken Fillet


Beef Fillet




Chicken Salad / Sliced Beef


The chicken mixed with sesame sauce was really delicious. A simple dish yet tasted so good. The beef – not much recollection. I guessed I really preferred the chicken to the beef


Chicken Liver


Salad with Chicken Gizzard / Salad with Beef Tongue




Chicken Thigh with Leek


Chicken Heart




Chicken Wings

The skewers were excellent. The chicken dishes were not dry and yet flavourful. The innards deserved a shout on its own. My favourites were the chicken fillet, liver, heart and the chicken wings. I wished I could order extra portions of them




Chicken Soup

Comforting soup for the soul with so much depth in it though the friend finds it too oily


Oyako Don


Minced Chicken

The minced chicken tasted better than the oyako don. The chicken & egg don was a little bland in my opinion, though we were too full at this stage to finish the entire bowl in any case


And well, if you are still hungry, there are still items on the menu you can order which they only serve after 10pm. Though I really would have preferred if they have skewers on the menu too. Personally I think their skewers were better than their otsumami

In any case, I thought the omakase course was quite value for money. I hope they continue to stay this way. To locate this restaurant, you need to comb the perimeter of Orchard plaza. It’s located beside Bistrot Etroit facing Cavenagh Road

Fukuda Yakitori Dining

150 Orchard Rd, #01-39

Orchard Plaza

Singapore 238841

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