Sen-ryo Singapore – Affordable Japanese Cuisine at Ion Orchard

When Sen-ryo opened its doors in Singapore, it was met with so much fanfare reservations were snapped up and people have to wait in line to dine in. So I was pleasantly surprised I could get a table even though I called one week in advance. The place was pretty big with seats at the counter and there were even more seats inside. The interior was dark, giving off a mysterious kind of vibe or what they described it as exquisite but affordable luxury 



We wanted to create our own omakase menu and hence the selection of food below


Premium Sushi Platter $26.20


Maguro Sushi Platter – Negitoro, Maguro, Chutoro, Otoro $22.80


Hokkaido Uni with Snow Crab $7.80/pc


Hotate w Mentaiko $5.80

I thought the sashimi was decent – thick and fresh and the rice was pretty okay for a casual-joint kind of standard, though the friend begs to differ



Asari in Sake $9.80


I really enjoyed the asari clams. You can taste the sake in the broth and it was so satisfying to keep drinking it. The asari was pretty huge and sweet as well


Grilled Crab and Crab Miso $23.80

I liked this too! The crab meat and the miso was a nice combination and dipping the slightly warm and crispy bread into the miso was delicious


Ika Teriyaki $12.80

Cooked well and it had a nice chewy texture


DIY Uni Plate $58


Cos what’s Japanese food without uni right. And the whole fun of this is to roll it yourself. Though you might be wondering: I can do this at home as well right??


Definitely cannot be compared to sushiya but to emphasise again – it’s not too bad for a casual-joint kind of standard


Matcha Ice cream w Mochi Crisp $5.80

Ending the meal with some ice cream 🙂

If I were to return, I probably skip all the nigiri sushi, go for the sashimi and the cooked food. Cos for people like the friend who has an atas sushi taste bud, they just cannot stomach it. …

I thought Sen-ryo was pretty decent. If you are looking for an affordable, yet luxurious-looking Japanese restaurant, you can really give this place some thought. And the location at Ion orchard makes it even more convenient


Ion Orchard

2 Orchard Turn, #03-14

Singapore 238801

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