Magosaburo – Wagyu Yakiniku At Ngee Ann City

This place was an accidental find. Cos reservations in December were so tough I was looking through Chope and deciding what other places we could go. So I saw this was available on a Friday night and thought of giving it a try. Located at Ngee Ann City, it was pretty crowded when we visited. What surprised us was we got a private room – totally unexpected. The private room was good cos it was private. You could have your own conversations and laugh all you want in there, but it was so private that it was difficult to call for the servers’ attention. Maybe they could have installed a bell or something

Our private room 🙂

The menu at Magosaburo was extensive. Other than yakiniku, they also served shabu shabu, cooked food, sashimi and sushi. Yes, they have everything. But since they are known for their Wagyu, we went for their yakiniku and ordered some other stuffs as well

Shio Konbu with Truffle Flavour $15

The friend was shocked at the price for a chawanmushi. HA. That being said, this was really enjoyable. The soft silky texture of the egg custard with a fragrant truffle aroma

Signature Platter 280g (For 2 pax) $238

Kobe Loin Part Thinly Sliced 80g

Four Kinds Chef’s Selection Cuts 50g each

We got their signature platter (which comes in a boat) cos we thought it would be more value for money but were informed they were out of Kobe beef. Okay.. So we had Miyazaki Beef, Chuck Roll, Chuck Roll Core, Top Sirloin Butt and Knuckle Main Muscle. They also gave you the option if you wanted to grill the meat yourself or the staffs could grill them for you. We took the former cos we wanted to have a slow dinner. I thought the meat was not bad. Even the big chunky piece of chuck roll turned out really decent

Sankaku-Bara Chuck Rib $48

I say, you pay for what you get. If you choose the cuts on their ala carte menu, it’s more expensive. But the quality was also way better. This chuck rib had a melt in the mouth texture and was slightly fatty so you can actually taste the fats after grilling it

Sake Toro Sushi (2pcs) $9 Hotate Sushi (2pcs) $13

Garlic Fried Rice $15

I heard repeated orders of this to the kitchen so I told the friend we must order this. HA. They split into 2 portions for us which was a nice gesture. I thought the fried rice was really good. It had the fragrance of how a garlic fried rice should taste like and I couldn’t stop myself from having more. If you find the meat too expensive and it wasn’t filling enough for you, order the fried rice – 1 bowl each. lol

Champagne Sorbet $15 Yuzu Sorbet $12

Ending the meal with sorbet which was a good choice cos we were all stuffed already and just wanted something light. The champagne sorbet was a surprise. It really did taste like champagne and the yuzu was a crowd favorite

We paid about $150 each without alcohol. Well, I say the price range for yakiniku is all around this area. It depends on what kind of quality you prefer but if you looking for somewhere convenient with lots of selection, Magosaburo can be one of your considerations


Ngee Ann City

#05 – 31, 391 Orchard Road


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