Tea Lounge at Regent – Serving Excellent Savouries For High Tea

Many people don’t fancy high tea. Firstly cos it’s all desserts and there’s only so much sweets you can stomach. And secondly it’s neither lunch nor dinner so what I usually do is skip lunch and dinner and just have a late breakfast. When we saw the high tea highlights from  Tea Lounge at Regent, we thought the items look interesting enough to give it a try and also the friend wanted to have high tea for her birthday celebration. The weekend high tea is priced at $68 per adult inclusive of 2 cups of either coffee or tea. There are 2 seatings available: 12pm and 3pm and so we took high tea at lunch




There’s a rather extensive list of tea to choose from and they will add hot water for you if you are done with your pot


We added on $40 each for free flow Prosecco cos well, it’s a birthday celebration


Crispy Chicken Wing w Prawn Paste

First dish served! It was gone in minutes. I think everyone was hungry. The fried chicken wings were done well, though could do a little more of the prawn paste taste


Caremelized Kurobuta Char Siew

I thought the char siew was a little on the tougher side but I like the seasoning on it. The friend loved this so much she ordered additional 2 more portion of this and finished everything. lol


Chef Chong’s Signature Laksa

Snapseed 3

The laksa was good. Creamy, fragrant laksa broth that was so easy to drink. But what could make it better would be some laksa sambal to go along, cos well, Singaporeans you know, love anything spicy


Congee w Tiger Prawns & Goji Berries

Oh wow, this broth. It has so much flavours in it. The friend wanted to order just the broth without the congee on the additional order. HA



This was something not on the menu. It tasted much like asparagus


24-Hour Wild Salmon Confit w Ponzu Sauce

It honestly don’t look much,, but this salmon was delicious. The texture was smooth and the salmon had a melt in the mouth kind of texture. The ponzu sauce made it more appetising with a slightly citrusy taste


Porcini Mushroom-Crusted Wagyu Beef w Yorkshire Pudding with Norcia Black Truffle Sauce


We were told to keep some stomach for this. And indeed you should. The wagyu was tender, drizzled with a deep and earthy mushroom sauce. It was so good I think I finished most of it. But we didn’t like the yorkshire pudding cos it was a little dry. And well, not a fan of mash


The highlight of every high tea


Finger Sandwiches (From Anti-clockwise):

Smoked Black Forest Ham w Wild Mushroom Pate on Whole Grain Bread

Scottish Smoked Salmon & Dill Sour Cream on Squid Ink Macaron

Black Truffle, Organic Egg Mayo & Cucumber on White Bread

Roasted Angus Beef w English Mustard on Whole Grain Bread

Pickled Beetroot & Goatcheese Mousse Tart

We liked the roasted angus beef the most. The macaron was really good too. It was surprising and unexpected in its own ways. None of us really enjoyed beetroot but we ended up eating it anyway and we thought it actually tasted quite good without much beetroot taste


Seasonal Quiches:

Roasted Pumpkin Quiche w Caramelized Onions

Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese Quiche

Regent’s Signature Scones:

Classic Scones

Candied Cinnamon Ginger Scones

The cinnamon scone was to die for. It felt like Christmas. I thought their scones were done really well without being too dry. And the pumpkin quiche was equally amazing. I preferred this to the salmon cos I thought the salmon quiche was a little too overpowering



Autumn Apple Tart Tatin

Roasted Chestnut Cream & Tangerine Yuzu Almond Tart

Pumpkin Swirl American Cheesecake

Imperial Earl Grey Pudding w Citrus Streusel

Grand Cru Silky Milk Chocolate Cassis Mousse

Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Galettes

To be honest, by the time we reached the desserts, we were really full. But we pressed on cos cannot waste food. And half the time we were guessing what the items were after we ate them. Amongst all, I liked the apple tart the most. The rest well, just didn’t give much of an impression


They would serve everything from their menu highlights and you could order additional if you like or still have the stomach for it. We thought the high tea was good but more so of its outstanding savouries. The sweets pale much more in comparison. I mean, not that they tasted bad but I think they are okay. It’s a very nice place to chill with big comfy sofa and attentive service. It’s definitely a place to consider and recommend if you are looking for a decent high tea place

Tea Lounge at Regent

Lobby Level

1 Cuscaden Road, 249715

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