Marusaya – Dashi Shabu Shabu at Robertson Quay

Headed down to Marusaya for dinner one day cos the cousin wanted an alternative to steamboat. Have never been there before but happened to come across this place on social media. Located at the quieter end of Robertson Quay (like closer to InterCon side), the place was actually quite crowded on a weekday and the night saw a steady stream of Japanese patronising the place. The interior and atmosphere somewhat reminded me of Japan, like one of those unexpected finds in an alley just minus the (cigarette) smokes. Well you will get what I mean when you are there

Since the place is famous for their Dashi shabu, we went for their shabu course which consists of Seasonal Appetiser, Chawanmushi, Assorted Sashimi, Seasonal Dish, Dashi Shabu, choice of Udon or Porridge and Dessert. You get to pick the meat for your course: A5 Wagyu $148, A4 Wagyu $108 and Pork $88 with min 2 pax order. Well, we went for the A4 wagyu cos we figured when you cook it in the broth there is probably not much of a great difference between the A4 and A5

Aji Sashimi $16

Ordered one of their Today’s Special as well. I love Aji, so I was determined to give this a try. I must say this Aji sashimi was really good. The fish was fresh and sweet and the unique taste of the horse mackerel was beautiful

Seasonal Appetiser

Grilled Pork Belly with Vegetables

I thought the flavour of the pork was good. A little caramelised and sweet but the meat was a little tough for my liking


A very well cooked steamed egg custard

Assorted Sashimi

We had the Tuna, Kampachi, Bonito and Salmon. I thought the Aji was better. HA

Seasonal Dish – Unagi Tempura

I was actually quite surprised cos you don’t see unagi tempura that often. It felt like any other deep fried dish in my opinion. Yes, it comes with brinjal, corn and lady finger too

Moving on to the highlight

Dashi Shabu – A4 Wagyu / Pork

Look at the marbling of the beef!

The soup was light, in fact I thought abit too light. But perhaps this was done so to bring out the sweetness of the meat


They chose the udon. I would have preferred the porridge to be honest cos I’m a porridge person. That aside, the udon was chewy and had a nice texture to it. I helped myself to a second portion

Dessert – Housemade Pudding

We had the choice of ice cream or pudding and I went for the latter. Well, the dessert was nothing to rave about

To be honest, I thought the food here was not bad. I probably will not go for the course the next time cos they had other things on the menu which I would love to give it a try. And also the time taken to serve each course took longer than expected to a point where we had gotten full just from waiting. Else, if you are looking for a decent shabu shabu place in Singapore, here’s one that is worth visiting


86 Robertson Quay, #01-01 Robertson Blue

Singapore 238245

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