Loof – Rooptop Bar at Odeon Towers Serving Locally-Inspired Bar Snacks & Drinks

Started in 2005, Loof has underwent some changes. Located on the top of Odeon Towers, Loof (cheekily inspired from Roof) serves up locally-inspired dishes by Bjorn Shen and cocktails with strong flavours as well. Happy hours run from 5-8pm and gosh, the place was REALLY packed

Snapseed 2-1

The iconic 风和日丽. Singaporeans will know that’s our favourite phrase when we start composition writing in school

Snapseed 4

Also, MAMA shop! It’s practically hard to find these days

Snapseed 5

The high chairs were pretty dangerous in my opinion. It felt like if you lean too forward, you might just topple over. lol


Chilli Crab Waffle Fries $15

Loof’s Signature Chilli & Blue Crab Dip, Waffle-Cut Fries

This is a must-order. Beautiful done fries with an amazing dip. It tastes like chilli crab yet subtle and more refreshing

Snapseed 2 2

Power Wings $14

Sesame Chilli, Thai Sweet Chilli

Cos bar snacks can never leave out good chicken wings

FullSizeRender 4

Crispy Chicken Satay $16

Cracker-Crumbed Chicken, Honey Mustard Achar

This was pretty tasty too. Love the crumb-like texture without the batter being too thick. Felt like you could just eat the satay without the sauce

Snapseed 3 2

Shitake Skewers $13

Grilled Teriyaki Mushrooms with Truffled Butter

And the mushrooms were really good too. Never knew simple mushrooms could taste so amazing with truffled butter

FullSizeRender 3

California Maki Wanton Crackers $14

Crispy Wanton Chips with ‘California Maki’ Mayo, Crabstick, Avocado, Ebiko, Nori Dip

(From Left) Kopi Cat ($19), Little Pink Dot ($19), Lychee Bubble Tea ($23)

We had actually wanted to order the secret menu which was the mee goreng but were told it was replaced by BLT (Flied Lice) which was already on the menu. WHYYY? It’s mee goreng! 😦 So in the end, we ordered some crackers to go along our cocktails. The Kopi Cat was really strong, so strong I had difficulty finishing it. Little Pink Dot wasn’t what the friend expected cos the photo on IG was uploaded differently. And the bubble tea, well, I must say was really innovative

We actually really enjoyed Loof, not so much of the crowd, but we thought the snacks were fun and decent. It’s difficult to find good bar snacks but I’m glad Loof brought a different take on them. It’s definitely one to consider if you just wanted somewhere to chill in town


331 North Bridge Rd, #03-07

Odeon Towers Extension Rooftop

Singapore 188720

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