Hachi Restaurant – Hidden Away At National Gallery Serving Omakase & Lunch Sets

I was actually looking at The Public Eight (which reservations need more than a month in advance. So ridiculous if you ask me) and then I chanced upon Hachi. Didn’t realise there was a Japanese restaurant at National Gallery so I went down to try one day. Located near the Courtyard Cafe area, the restaurant was pretty busy for a weekday lunch. There are counter seats and tables available so if you are coming with a bigger group, fear not. (Even though now maximum also capped at 5)

FullSizeRender 2


Thought the interior was done up quite nicely


They do serve cocktails from The Public Eight during lunch, just minus the fancy stuffs

Went for the Hachi Omakase lunch ($115) which consists of a good number of courses


Hokkaido Scallop with Seaweed, Edamame Puree

Love the firm texture of the seaweed without being overdone, with a crisp seaweed layer. But I thought the puree was nothing to shout about


Oyster from Canada with Ponzu jelly and Shichimi Powder

In all honesty, I felt like they could have done more about this dish. Cos all you need is a fresh oyster with erms fancy seasoning


Raw Eggplant with Olive Oil & Seasalt

This was very interesting. It has sweetness like pear with guava-like texture yet with the fragrance of olive oil and the lingering saltiness on your palate. Even I don’t fancy eggplant, I thought this was good


Kani Chawanmushi

Love the thick and flavourful crab broth on a very smooth custard


Maguro & Kampachi Sashimi


Miyazaki Wagyu

Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Salt, Wasabi, Seaweed, Tomato


The beef was good. Just look at the marbling. And I like how they pair it with different components so at different point you can alternate with the beef


Sushi (From right): Hirame, Seabream, Anago

Well well, the sushi was actually not bad. A little big in size but the firmness of the rice and the amount of vinegar was okay. Definitely better than someplace I went that everyone said was worth trying


Chilled Soba with Sakura Ebi & Grated Taro

I was really full at this point. But thankfully this was the last dish. The soba broth was refreshing, the texture of the noodles firm and chewy and the sakura ebi was nicely done without being too oily. It was actually a pretty decent bowl of soba


Lemon Jelly with Japanese Black Beans


Just something to cleanse your palate with a sweet aftertaste from the black beans

In my opinion if you look at the course from a whole perspective, the ingredients used here as compared to other high-end Japanese restaurants are not as premium. But what I appreciate is that the dishes are executed well and I personally think their omakase is quite value for money. So if you are just looking for an omakase experience, I think this is somewhere you can consider

Also, there is minimum information on this place online. So here’s the lunch menu for those who are interested 🙂

Snapseed 2

Perhaps I might give their lunch set a try next time

Hachi Restaurant

1 St Andrew’s Rd, #01-02/03

National Gallery Singapore

Singapore 178957

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