Izakaya Hikari – Hidden Izakaya at Fortune Centre

I was surprised to see Fortune Centre change so much. There are definitely much more eateries now as compared to the past where everyone knows it’s the go-to place for vegetarian food. Or perhaps I just haven’t been there for a long long time. lol. Anyway visited the newly opened Izakaya Hikari which is located at a corner on the third floor. It is very crowded during dinner time and can get so loud cos everyone is just laughing/talking even louder after some drinks. So if you are looking for somewhere quiet, this is DEFINITELY not the place. And oh, reservations recommended too



Umeshu $8

The friends wanted to utilise the Burpple 1-for-1 and hence we had some dons


Bara Chirashi Don $22.90

Snapseed 5

Nicely plated and so colourful. But well, to be honest, you can do this at home too. Just go to DDD, buy the ingredients, cut it up and mix it up! TADA~

Snapseed 6

Unagi Donburi $18.90 Salmon Mentaiko Donburi $16.90


The friends preferred the salmon mentaiko to the unagi. I had a bite of the salmon mentaiko. Well, it’s not bad

Snapseed 4

Tsukune $3.90 (per stick) Oden Soup $10.90

Snapseed 3

I had the oden and tsukune cos well it’s izakaya you know. Izakaya must order dishes and yakitori and drinks. That’s the whole point of an izakaya. I was quite sad the friends didn’t want anything else. Anyway, I thought the oden was good. It’s like in Japan if you drink too much, the best solution to 解酒 is to have a piping bowl of oden. Thought the tsukune was missing some of the charred taste but overall I thought it was okay

So anyway, because I was so unsatisfied by the previous visit, I actually went back again to try some of their dishes and yes with sake too


Eihire $8.90

I love ordering stingray fin, especially if you have drinks to go along cos I think it’s a good 下酒菜


Kawa Ebi $5.90

The kawa ebi was not bad, felt like eating crackers. HA


Potato Croquette $5.90

I didn’t quite like the croquettes. I think the outer crust was done really well but the inner potato felt a little bland


Surume Ika $15.90

Pretty good. It was nicely done


Shitake $3.90

Oh please skip this. It tastes exactly like.. mushrooms!


Bacon Asparagus $3.90, Nankotsu $3.90, Tebasaki $3.90, Tsukune $3.90

Out of the 4, I was surprised by the Nankotsu the most, then the bacon asparagus. The chicken wings were too oily for my liking. I have to say the Nankotsu was really good!


Here’s the menu for those interested. I felt more satisfied after the second visit cos I felt like I can now give a proper review. I do think some of the food was quite decent but the sake was nothing to shout about. Well, pretty normal sake but for now if you are looking for a fuss-free dining place in Bugis, here’s one to consider

Izakaya Hikari

190 Middle Road

Fortune Centre #03-01, S(188979)

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