KKI Sweets – Now Back at Seah Street

Kki Sweets has a long history, moving from different locations, closed and then now re-opened at Seah Street. Reservations are highly recommended, for the seats and desserts as well. Cos they have limited quantities so if you had wanted to order something more on the spot, chances are they will not have it. Call it marketing technique. It was a very warm afternoon when we visited and we took a long time to find the place cos the friend thought it was at Raffles Arcade but no it’s not. It’s next to hotel drop-off point, so walk along the road to the next building at Seah Street

Snapseed 5

And ta-dah! You will find it

Snapseed 6

So faint you will miss it

Snapseed 4

A very open concept where everyone just sit around a huge table

We had pre-ordered 3 and ordered an extra on the spot. We regretted not pre-ordering every single dessert cos well, it’s quite a small piece anyway

Snapseed 2 2

Koide $10.50

Lychee, Blood Peach, Grapefruit, Mint

Most presentable yet the most disappointing. The flavour was too faint. It was like hmm, okay… takes another bite, moving on

Snapseed 2

Teh $9.50

Earl Grey, Pear, Hazelnut

My favourite. Love anything with hazelnut. And the strong taste of earl grey that shines through each bite you take

Snapseed 3

Nero $12.50

Dark Chocolate, Black Truffle

This was good too. A luxurious chocolate with the taste of truffle that comes along


Japanese Tomato, Strawberry & Red Pepper $24


Tomato Strawberry Sorbet, Basil Sugar Tuile, Red Pepper & Blood Orange Coulis, Tomato Strawberry Salad

One of the plated desserts we have ordered. This was an acquired taste. The friend tasted it and failed it immediately. lol But I thought it’s not bad! I felt like you can taste both the savoury and sweetness in this dessert with a mix of tangy and refreshing texture

FullSizeRender 3

I would definitely order Teh again, and perhaps try all the other desserts the next time round. Oh, their black coffee is good too! The place is very crowded though. When we were there on a weekday afternoon, people seem to stream in non-stop and it’s strange, cos they supposedly have a time slot for each group that made a reservation. Don’t really know how that works, but in anycase, reservations recommended okay?

Kki Sweets

3 Seah Street, #01-01

Singapore 188379

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