Amazing Hokkaido – Izakaya at Robertson Quay Serving Quality Hokkaido Dishes

When I told the friend the name of the place we were having dinner is called Amazing Hokkaido, she thought I was joking. ‘You mean they really named it Amazing Hokkaido?!’ lol. Yes they did. And they better be amazing else they need to change the name of their entire izakaya. HA. This izakaya seemed new and I was surprised by how little crowd there was on a Saturday night. Located at Robertson quay, there is actually no lack of Japanese eateries. So the food and/or drinks have to really stand out. And well, I have to say.. it’s not bad, not bad at all



This menu caught our eye so we decided to give it a try. Fortunately or unfortunately..


we got the mega 1L worth of highball. HA but I think it’s quite fun when they incorporate games in their restaurants

We weren’t that hungry so the friend emphasised not to over-order so I tried


Bluefin Fatty Tuna Sashimi $29.90

The gorgeous red was beautiful and the tuna wowed in every way. It’s fatty and fresh and very satisfying


Skewered Chicken Meatball with Sauce $2.90 / pc (left) Muroran Yakitori $3.90 / pc (right)

Ordered both their No1 and No2 popular dishes on their menu and the friend was shocked to see 4 sticks of skewers. But it proved her wrong cos both the tsukune and melty skewered pork tasted simply amazing. We finished them in no time


Hotate, Scallop Cream Croquette $5.90

A very simple croquette with a not-so-simple taste. Love the crust of the croquette and the piping creamy filling that is overfilling. I would simply order this again


Cold Soba $9.90

We decided to share a cold soba with no additional toppings and that is one of the best cold soba I’ve eaten. Enjoyed the chewy texture of the noodles and the light sweet and salty flavour of the soba sauce that complements well with it

For 2 people who weren’t hungry, we finished every single thing. The menu might not be as extensive and they do have some interesting items as well but I thought it represents Hokkaido dishes well. It’s definitely worth a return for their quality definitely exceeded our expectations

Amazing Hokkaido

30 Robertson Quay, #01-16


Singapore 238251


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