Preludio – Chapter 1: Monochrome

The friend wanted to try Preludio from a friend’s good reviews even though neither of us has heard about this place before. Located at Frasers Tower, the restaurant was rather quiet on a weekday with a few tables occupied. Following a Monochrome-themed where dishes will be presented in black and/or white, I was rather excited to see how each dish unfolds



We were intrigued by their selection of orange wine so we got to try a little of the wine and a glass of white to see which we preferred. Well, the orange wine did tasted quite orangey but we decided to go for the white for a longer lasting of appreciation. lol


We went for the 6 course dinner priced at $188++ and this was the first of the complimentary amuse bouche – Macarons with Almonds topped with Chicken Pate with Truffle. A pop in the mouth though you definitely want a second piece of it


Second amuse bouche – They called this Marble, highly likely cos of its presentation

img 01

Fresh Water Shrimps with Pepper and Hazelnut. It’s very jelly-like. Like eating prawns and agar agar together


Alaskan King Crab, Red Bell Pepper, Lime Vinegar, Avocado Mousse & Coconut Jelly

I really like the king crab. The pairing with sweet onion sorbet was clever and the combination was so delicious I happily finish everything. Though we think the taste of the coconut jelly was quite faint


Foie Gras, Passion Fruit, Coffee Kombucha, Smoked Olive Oil

The oiliness of the foie gras was balanced by the powerful punch of the passionfruit pears. So powerful that the friend went ‘omg I cannot take this’ lol. But we thought the smoked olive oil added a surprise to the dish


Nantucket Scallop, Black Garlic Paste, Salted Corn Cream

Probably the least impressive of all the dishes, the scallop was plump and sweet but the salted corn cream stole the show. They told us to try the garlic flower as well. We did, but I think we had preferred not to. lol


When they brought this out, they told us this was the highlight of our dinner and began the show of smoking the vinegar..


Butternut Squash & Amaretto Agnolotti, Parmesan Sauce, Almond Snow, II Borgo Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, aged 25 years

.. to go with this. I felt like the introduction of this dish was a little overdone. I mean it’s good but hmm okay lor

And they asked if we would like to go for the 8 course for the full experience cos this was the last of our appetisers. And we were like you mean we have more? HAHA We were so full by then already


Iberico Pork Presa, White Carrot & Apple Puree, Mizuna

Here’s our main. It was really delicious. The savoury pork with the sweet apple puree had us finishing the entire dish


Palate cleaner – Lemon Jam, Mint Basil and Coconut

The pre-dessert was amazing. So good the friend said I think they can stop here already


Cherry, Stout, Plum, Hazelnut Ice cream, Black Summer Truffle

Ending off with desserts. I love anything hazelnut. So this hazelnut sorbet with candied hazelnuts + Guinness stout sponge cake and truffle foam was something different. I didn’t know truffle could go well in sweets as well


And since it was the friend’s birthday celebration, she had her own mini pinata! It was filled with candies and the table was a mess! lol


And of course, the petite 4. By then we had surrendered. HA

It was quite an interesting experience and I think we enjoyed our meal in general. The friend asked if they are going to have Chapter 2 and 3. I told her she can go back to find out. LOL


182 Cecil St, #03-01/02

Frasers Tower,

Singapore 069547

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