The Oyster Bank – $2 Oysters is The Draw

I’ve always wanted to try this place whenever I walked past because 1) The queue is always long 2) The oysters are priced at $2 from Monday to Friday 5-8pm and Saturday to Sunday 3-4pm. So I finally found the opportunity to make it down one day for dinner. The place does not take reservation so you just put your name down and wait. And we were lucky we didn’t have to wait long



The $2 oysters only apply to the naked oysters and a minimum order of alcohol beverage is required for every half dozen of oysters. I decided to order a platter of naked, ponzu and green apple to try


Naked, Ponzu & Green Apple ($4.25/pc)

I love how plump each oyster is! The oysters were decent though I wish it was served a little colder and with more lemon slices. I love my oysters with more taste of lemon so a slice of lemon feels a little too lonely. Amongst all, I actually preferred the naked though the other flavours were interesting as well


Bara Chirashi Don $16.90

Topped with 160g of cubed salmon, ikura, shrimp, tuna, white tuna & tamago. I thought the bara chirashi don was actually quite decent


Amaebi Karaage $9.90

Deep Fried Sweet Shrimp served with a special sauce. It’s a good appetiser to start, and a good appetiser to go along with some alcohol. Definitely better for sharing as well


Truffle Fries $12.90

Fries with Truffle Oil & Parmesan Cheese

And wow, the portion of the truffle fries was overflowing. They could definitely do more with the truffle taste. It was decent, but not very memorable. And they don’t serve ketchup. OH why?

I wouldn’t say it’s the best. But I won’t mind dropping by after work to unwind and to enjoy their oysters promotion. And if you have a random craving for oysters, $2 is a good deal afterall

The Oyster Bank

107 North Bridge Road #02-32,



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