Jaan – Dining at 70th Floor of Swissôtel The Stamford

Had always wanted to try Jaan so I finally made it down last week, ending 2018 with a dining in the sky experience. The restaurant is set on the 70th floor of Swissotel The Stamford, overlooking the sights of Marina Bay. The intimate setting proved to be a quiet affair though the sun was a little too glaring for comfort. But still, it didn’t stop us from getting our meal started. Helming the reins was Chef Kirk Westaway, who designed the menu with his own take on British cuisine


I admit – the menu wasn’t that inspiring. The friend took the 4 course ($98) while I went for the 5 ($138) cos I wanted to try the eggs

Snapseed 7


Beetroot Meringue, Smoked Eel

Starting with appetisers, the beetroot meringue was my favourite. I like how you can appreciate the savoury elements of the dish yet still taste the sweetness of the meringue towards the end


Devonshire Cheddar Cheese & Buckwheat Pancake

Snapseed 8

Fish & Chip Tartlet

Well, it wasn’t exactly the fish and chips you would expect though the flavours were appetising and refreshing


Rabbit Pie

A tradition English cuisine in bite form. Love the crust and the sweet yet tender filling

Snapseed 11

Roast Potato, Truffle Soup, Mini Loaf, Devon Butter

The aromatic fragrance of the truffle soup with chunks of potatoes. Love the side of the mini loaf that was too cute to devour


Sourdough with Devon Butter and Cornwall Salt

While slicing the butter for us, we noticed the waitress was a little nervous and the friend joked she must be worried about the expensive butter


I think sourdough bread if not done properly can taste very strange but I’m glad Jaan’s version was a result of a crispy crust and a soft bread filling that tasted even better with the butter and salt


Heirloom Beetroot, Trout Caviar

I liked how vibrant the colours on this plate was and the beetroot sorbet was a delight to dig into

Snapseed 4

Eggs in An Egg


Honestly, this was rather underwhelming. I felt that comparing to the other dishes, this didn’t seem to stand out as much

Snapseed 12

Line Caught Kinmedai, Artichoke

Ooh the fish! Nicely done with a crackling skin, paired with delicious pumpkin sauce

Snapseed 16

Venison Loin, Chicory

And the tender version won us over as well. It was delicious


Blood Orange, Lemon

Palate cleanser, or the pre-desert


Ivory Caramel, Chocolate

And lastly, chocolates in various textures


We both agreed this tasted the best


And moving on to Petite 4



Snapseed 3


I felt that the desserts were quite a disappointment. And the Petite 4 were a little overwhelming in terms of flavours. The savouries definitely fared much better. Though we agreed the overall experience was pretty satisfying and still worth a return


Swissôtel The Stamford

2 Stamford Road, Level 70, Equinox Complex, S(178882)


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