Miyoshi – One of The Best Meals I had in Kyoto

When I looked at tabelog, Miyoshi is being rated as one of the top restaurants in Kyoto and I thought I would give it a try though I spent a long time deciding if I should really go for it cos it’s bloody expensive. Located in Gion and near my hotel, Miyoshi serves wagyu beef kaiseki course which was well, something different. I had no idea what I was expecting. All I knew I had ordered the beef fillet course and I cannot be late (cos my prior appointment before this was really tight on schedule). But at least, I found the place easily. The whole place feels very upscale and people dress up very nicely for a meal here


There were 7 seats at the counter and Chef Ito served us all. I love my counter seats cos I enjoy watching the chef prep the food and all. It was entertaining to watch their knife skills and how much thought has been put into each dish by watching them cook. We started with a broth infused with truffle. The aroma that runs up your nose was amazing. Went on to the ox-tongue which I have never tasted such incredible texture. The sirloin cut in various condiments blew me away. The pureed white corn soup with sea urchin and yuzu was probably the best soup I ever had. And if you think the meal cannot be any better, the steamed rice topped with minced beef, caviar, crab meat and a semi cooked egg hidden within topped the game. Took a breather with the Kinka ham wrapped with melon and restarted the flavours with beef shabu shabu. And of course, the highlight was the widely anticipated grilled Kobe steak that was cooked using charcoal. The portion was so much, my neighbours offered theirs to me. LOL. I really appreciate but I was so full myself! Ended the meal with a stewed beef rice course which I only had 2 spoonfuls of rice. I had no idea how some people could go for a second bowl after so much food! FYI – the second portion of rice comes with a huge amount of uni topping. And desserts was milk ice cream with azuki beans
















I’m glad I came. It might just make it to my must-visit restaurants in Kyoto


570−15 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0074, Japan

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