Dumpling Darlings – Hipster Dumpling Noodles at Amoy Street

By the same team who brought you Lola’s café, come a new establishment at Amoy street serving hipster dumpling noodles. Literally just a few steps away from Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar, it felt like it was meant to rival the latter though conceptually, they are quite different. We arrived during peak lunch timing and the queue was rather long. They said we could have called to order first, well now that I know. We went for the lunch set at $16 each given there was a 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond but do let the waitress be aware before you order. The friend and I were observing the table next to us given they were served much earlier and realized the noodles came first, the side plate of dumplings much later and the drink finally at the last moment. We looked at each other and went hmm



Longan Osmanthus Pu-Erh

So surprise surprise when our drink arrived first. I asked the friend for comments and she said, do not order this. I burst out laughing


Salted Plum Wolfberry Pu-Erh

My salted plum actually didn’t taste that bad, just that it felt more like a salted plum drink than an iced tea. It felt like they made the drink cocktail-style which perhaps explain the longer waiting time. But honestly, it’s lunch time at CBD. Perhaps they can be less funky and go mass produce style. Conceptually I appreciate it, but if it’s gonna take a long time to make, it probably isn’t worth the effort



Braised Pork Noodles w Spicy Sichuan Dumplings


We decided to try a different noodle each. She went for the braised pork noodles which was pretty decent. The Sichuan dumplings were tasty as well. Packed with firm filling and paired with a spicy kick, definitely for the spicy lover in you. Oh and FYI – our dumplings arrived together with the noodles. Wow, we were surprised – twice

Snapseed 3

Miso Mushroom Noodles w Fried Pierogi


I went for the miso mushroom noodles which I really like. The texture of the noodles were chewy and the generous amount of fried shallots gave the noodles an added amount of fragrance. And we both agree the egg was an icing to the cake. The fried pierogi was really interesting. The melted potato and cheese with bacon bits is probably not something you will find often in a typical dumpling menu

Snapseed 2

We spent 25 minutes queuing, 15 minutes waiting and 10 minutes to finish the food. Undeniably they are understaffed and seem rather frazzled by the lunch crowd so if you are going, be prepared to wait for abit. If not, there is always a take-away option. Food-wise, it is really quite decent. I honestly don’t mind returning if the wait time is shorter. Hopefully in time to come, there is an improvement in their turnaround time or if you are rushed for time, you can always drop by Wanton Seng which is few steps away

Dumpling Darlings

44 Amoy St, Singapore 069870

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