The Spot – Modern European Dishes at Marina One

Love it when new places pop up nearby the office so that there are more choices to choose from and lesser travelling time is needed. Located at Marina One, The Spot share a space with 1855 Bottle shop and prides itself as an all-day dining eatery. The restaurant is pretty big and they cater to big parties with communal tables, small groups that prefer cozy area and there is even an outdoor area for those who like some fresh air



Since we were there for lunch, there were 3 different course to choose from. Mainly the 2 courses at $30, 3 courses at $38 and 5 courses at $68. We took the 3 course since it looks like it’s more valued for money and the 5 course seems a little too much for lunch


Celeriac Soup

Whipped Mentaiko, Pork Floss, Chive

Probably didn’t expect much for this dish, but it was surprisingly good. Creamy, light and sweet, it is filled with the mentaiko flavour but yet wasn’t too salty

Snapseed 6

Atlantic Salmon

Citrus, Plum Sesame Dressing, Pickled & Raw Radish

A refreshing appetiser, the salmon went well with the plum sesame dressing and for those who preferred something light to kickstart the meal

Snapseed 9

Char-Grilled Octopus

Preserved Green Papaya Slaw, Mint, Peanut Miso Emulsion

Honestly, the octopus was a little disappointing. The texture of the octopus was so chewy that I took a good 5 minutes to chew the protein and it wasn’t broken up yet in any form. The waitress explained that the cook on the octopus is a little different as it was first blanched and then grilled so it’s a little more chewy than usual. And my question to her was, so I’m not supposed to swallow this octopus then? But the seafood aside, the sauce reminded me of rojak sauce with its peanut and green papaya slaw. I enjoyed the flavours though the execution wasn’t done exactly well

Snapseed 11

Pork Cheek BBQ

Grilled ‘Bak Kwa’ Style, Pork Floss, Potato Mousseline, Caramel Vinegar

The pork cheek BBQ seemed like quite a popular dish to order. It was good but wasn’t mind blowing in anyway

Snapseed 15

Snapseed 17

Local Skate

Pearl Rice Risotto, Dried Sole, Coriander Broth, Salmon Roe

This dish was quite a surprise. The light and refreshing broth with the risotto was delicious, satisfying and comforting


Pan-Fried Red Snapper

Crispy Skin, Green Curry Emulsion, Variation of Eggplant

Snapseed 20

Honestly, this dish wow-ed me in everyway. The green curry was done in such a way it wasn’t overpowering but yet you just couldn’t stop. Love the cook on the snapper as well, which was crisp on the skin and well-cooked on the inside

Snapseed 22

Frozen Salted Chocolate Peanut

Jivara Cake, Dulcey Peanut Ganache, Honeycomb, Black Rice

It reminded me of the local black glutinous rice dessert with coconut milk drizzled on top. Well, Just that this came in a more solid form and topped with chocolate icecream and honeycomb

Snapseed 23

Sea Coconut Brulee

Sour Cream Icecream, Kaffir Lime Foam & Zest

Snapseed 28

The sea coconut brûlée was quite different to have as well. I like that it wasn’t too sweet and there were bits of sea coconut that was hidden inside the bowl

Snapseed 26

Licorice Root Icecream

Caramelized Candied Parsnip, Malt Molasses, Coffee Crumble

For those who wanted something more exotic, you will either love this or hate it. The taste of liquorice was pretty evident but thank goodness for the delicious coffee crumble and malt molasses that balanced the overall taste!

Overall I thought the dishes were decent but I love their play on bold, playful flavours that accompany each dish. For those who are working in the area, this is probably another option to consider for business lunches or casual dinner to wind down after work

The Spot

5 Straits View

Marina One

#01-26/27, S(018935)

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