Mui Kee Congee – Famous HK Congee Now at Shaw Centre

Having moved out of its pop-up stall at Botanic Gardens, Mui Kee has found a new home at Shaw Centre. This famous congee shop from Hong Kong is a partnership with Les Amis Group and the queue has never subsided since its opening. They do accept reservations but at very limited slots during 2 seatings cos they mentioned they want to cater more to walk-in customers. So if you are lucky to snag a table, you would have avoided the average 30 minutes queuing time at the 50-seater restaurant. I like how they incorporate the use of mahjong tiles in their deco and the playing of Cantonese pop songs while you are dining there. It makes you feel like you are back in Hong Kong


Parrot Fish Belly $11.80

Mui Kee takes pride in cooking their porridge differently; first rubbing the raw grains against century eggs for a smoother texture, then cooking with fish and pork bone stock to simmer for another 4 hours


The result is an incredibly smooth porridge. We particularly love the parrot fish belly which was first stir-fry for that wok-hei taste before adding into the porridge so that the congee can absorb the same smokiness. It was really tasty


Sliced Beef $9.80

Adding the fried dough fritters ($2) into the porridge was a good choice too


Drunken Chicken in Shaoxing Wine $10

Love the smooth texture of the chicken which was tender and soaked in the shaoxing wine to give it extra flavour


Fried Dace Fish Cake $8

The fish cake also felt a little different from the usual ones we ate


Fried Beancurd Skin $6

And the fried beancurd skin proved to be popular among the table as well


Peanut & Sesame Sauce $4

This Chee Cheong Fun is only available during lunch, and it’s my first time trying this dish with peanut and sesame sauce. It was surprisingly good. The rice dough was silky smooth and soft and it goes really well with the aromatic peanut sauce


Pork Liver w Ginger & Spring Onion $15

Claypot dishes are only available during dinner, and I couldn’t resist giving this pork liver a try


Each slice was thick and fresh and the sauce makes it a good combination to add to the congee


Yuan Yang $3.50

Ending the meal with their specialty dessert. The combination of both coffee and tea is something we often hear in Hong Kong so to find this dessert here is a treat. This shaved ice comes with Earl Grey and Coffee jelly though I can’t really taste much of the coffee in the jelly. Love the addition of the almond cookies which was really good! I hope they sell the cookies by themselves – I am sure it will be a hit


Overall, this place is worth a visit if you are willing to queue for it. And specially if you are a fan of Cantonese-style congee. The queue does move quite fast given the staffs would arrange for you to share tables with other diners given the capacity of the restaurant. Price-wise, I thought it’s quite reasonable given the popularity of this brand that hails all the way from Hong Kong. And also with its friendly and swift service, I can’t think of other reasons to say no to this place

Mui Kee Congee

1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre

#01-12, S(228208)

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