Jinjo – Sumiyaki Concept by Les Amis Group

The newest kid to join Les Amis Group of dining establishments is a modern sumiyaki restaurant called Jinjo. Locating on the second floor of Shaw and sitting among the other Les Amis Group of restaurants, the space at Jinjo is divided into bar, counter and a general dining area. The place isn’t large, so reservations are recommended. The dimly-lit environment also puts one at ease, to recreate a laid back and enjoyable dining atmosphere



Jinjo also housed an extensive sake selection which you can enjoy at the bar. Otherwise you can give this shio cider a try. This refreshing cider is honestly pretty good


Ankimo $15

Warm Spicy Monkfish Liver

There isn’t much spiciness in it though at first bite it feels a little strange to me. Cos the Ankimo I had visualised didn’t quite taste like that but after a few bites, it ain’t that bad


Yaki Goma Tofu $6

Tofu, Aichi Red Miso

This tofu is quite interesting. The texture reminded me of fried carrot cake but yet with a tofu-like inner texture, paired with black and white sesame sauce


Chawanmushi $12

Egg Custard, Kuruma Ebi, Sauce Americaine

Very smooth egg custard predominantly flavoured with ebi. You might not enjoy this if you aren’t a fan of prawns

Snapseed 6

Thigh $5/stick

Juicy tender thigh with a nice crispy skin


Wing $8

We really enjoyed their wings so much that we ordered another portion of it. It might be a little salty for some, but perhaps it’s the saltiness that makes this so tasty


Shizuoka Shiitake $6


Chiba Sweet Potato $20


Always excited to try Japanese sweet potatoes and especially if it turns out well. This sweet potato ain’t too bad. Sweet and silky soft texture and rub it off with some butter to give it a buttery aftertaste


Kyoto Green Pepper $12


Tuna Belly Sumiyaki Style $28

The tuna belly was worth trying as well. Like the balance of the sweet and salty flavour of the fish


Hokkaido King Crab Leg $40

The crab leg was sweet and firm, well, it better be for that price

Snapseed 4

Japanese Rice Pot with Freshwater Eel $55 (big portion)

Snapseed 5

Snapseed 8

Ramen with Chicken Broth $10

For both carbs, I felt like the flavour is there but not quite there. Would prefer the rice to the noodles though. Both the rice and noodles are decent, but perhaps they just needed something special


Jinjo Warabimochi $10

Warabimochi is definitely my all-time favourite Japanese dessert. Love the sweet chewy texture with that sugar syrup to end the meal on a sweet note!

On a whole, the food was decent but perhaps a little pricey. I know there’s probably other places that does equally good or even better charcoal grilled dishes at a discount. This place is probably somewhere you would consider for convenience or its inkling to the Les Amis Group of restaurants but otherwise I think there are abundance of food options in Orchard area

Jinjo by Les Amis

1 Scotts Rd, #02-19

Singapore 228208

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