Hai Di Lao 海底捞 – New Outlet at Plaza Singapura

The sixth branch of Hai Di Lao found their home at Plaza Singapura. Located on the 3rd floor of the old wing, it is right next to the escalator so you wouldn’t miss it. The restaurant front is smaller and there are lesser tables for waiting people but you still find all the essential survival kits: snacks and drinks, rubix cube, paper to fold your cranes, baby room, manicure room, massage chair etc. Or if not, you can walk around PS and come back later

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I spy popcorn and prawn crackers. Hee


And of course, not forgetting this freezer of icecream hidden somewhere which we always ate as dessert post our meal

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The queue system for the manicure broke down while we were there. Before we started eating, there were 27 people in line. When we were almost done eating, there were still 19 people in line :/


The space here is probably not as big as other outlets but it’s still huge enough. There are 2 private rooms here so if you are lucky enough..


But otherwise, everything else remains the same. Drinks are chargeable at $3 per pax and includes winter melon tea, herbal tea and soya bean milk. You can mix your condiments according to the guide given or if not, everyone else will have their own special sauce chargeable at $4/pax. So when you dine with someone new to HDL, it’s quite hilarious to see how their sauce turns out

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Your first experience will start with hot towels, followed by aprons, wet wipes, hair tie, plastic for your phone, cover for your bags. Initially, the friend wondered why she wasn’t given the wet wipes so our waitress came back with 30 wet wipes cos she made a passing comment. Be careful what you ask for here


And everything ordered through the iPad which also recorded how many times you have been to HDL. lol


We went for the half-half ($23). It’s probably my first time trying their chicken soup cos we always had other soup bases and I must say their black chicken soup is really flavourful. The rest of the ingredients are chargeable at various prices. We always go for their half portion cos it makes more sense to order more later even though sometimes hunger got to the better of us



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And erms the ever show-off noodle waving demonstration with music included


Desserts include beancurd pudding and lots of super sweet fruits. We were quite amazed regardless of which HDL outlet, the fruits are always sweet. So the friend made another passing comment of not having mango on her birthday platter the other times. Our waitress came back with one beautifully cut mango for her and told her she can have more if she wants. Ask and you shall be given. lol


I prefer my popcorn and icecream for desserts 🙂


The friend asked me, isn’t there lots of outlets available? Yah, the amazing thing is there are so many outlets but the queue is still everlasting long. But truth to be told, HDL is my favourite hotpot place, I guess it’s not just the quality of the food but the service and overall experience that one gets to enjoy, which is why people are willing to wait for 3 hours to dine here. And with reservation up till 6pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends, it makes one wonder how early should you call in advance. Included the phone number for easy reference, that is if you are able to get through

Hai Di Lao Hotpot

T: 6250 0330 / 6250 0990

68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura

#04-01/20 S(238839)

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  1. Nyasha says:

    Love the photos and what a great post! I’ve only visited the UK branch last year but would love to go to this one and many others abroad to try! I hope you can check out my post on my first visit to the chain here and comment: http://nyamwithny.com/sichuan-hot-pot-at-haidilao/ I really want to go back now after reading your post, it was so delicious! Having hotpot is a rarity for me!


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