NUDE Grill – Serving Contemporary Happy Food at Marina One

The brains behind NUDE Seafood has opened a new place at Marina One called NUDE Grill, a contemporary-style grill restaurant with a menu different from their first. They shared the same space as NUDE Chill, a coffeehouse by day and it also serves drinks and finger food for those looking to wind down after work. There is a difference in menu for those who are frequent diners of NUDE Seafood, which specialises in seafood produces and a focus on healthier options. While at NUDE Grill, well, lets just say the options here aren’t the healthiest

The ordering goes like this: You place your order at the cashier while the staffs will help you source for a table so don’t need to worry about chopping seats. And then you wait for the beeper to buzz before collecting the food at the counter. One thing about NUDE is that it is an open kitchen concept so you might need to spray mist and perfume after having lunch there


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Steak Frites $23

New Zealand Bavette Steak, Sunny Side Up, Steak Fries, French Beans, Red Wine Shallot

Steak and fries for lunch sounds so sinful. The steak though well-cooked but can take quite awhile to chew. Love the yolk running through the steak to give it a runny yolky taste and the fries, oh so good!


House Special: Japanese A4 Wagyu Don $38 (limited portions)

A4 Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu, Onsen Egg, Pickled Jicama, Shibazuke, Seaweed, Nikiri, Furikake, Niigata Sushi Rice, Wasabi


Run, yolk, run!


House special + limited quantities, I gave it a try to see how it tasted. I like the overall flavour of the dish and the beef is really tender. The pinkish meat might put some people off, but I think the texture and flavour makes up for it



Chicken & Truffle $25

Roasted Whole Chicken Leg, Black Truffle, Chicken Jus, Shimeiji Mushroom, Pancetta, Sweetcorn, Potato Foam, Baby Kailan

The chicken is cooked in a sous-vide way so it’s pinkish but cooked. We were cautioned before ordering and the server asked if we are okay with it. The friend later asked me if not okay how? Change dish lor. haha

Taste-wise, the chicken is really delicious. I like everything on the dish but I think it’s quite a gamble to use kailan since it could give a mild bitter taste if it’s not cooked properly. Still, I would order this dish anytime

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Pork Belly Don $19

Charcoal-Grilled Slow-Cooked Pork Belly, Green Chilli Relish, Onsen Egg, Seaweed, Cucumber Achar, Bubu Arare, Niigata Sushi Rice, Wasabi

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I would call this Atas 梅菜扣肉. There was a slight disappointment in this dish as it was overwhelmingly salty. Not sure if it’s meant to be like this but I would appreciate if they could cut down on the saltiness. The pork belly was well cooked. The fats were juicy and dissolved to taste while the meat was tender and fragrant


I hope they change their menu from time to time since I have tried 4/6 of their lunch items already. Lunch here is not cheap but judging from the crowd.. I guess the quality of the food here makes up for it. The coffee beans used here are from Papa Palheta so for those who love their roast, you know where to go. The ambience here is cosier and you don’t feel compelled to leave immediately after you are done as compared to their first outlet. They do serve a separate dinner menu as well, and I’m interested to try it out

NUDE Grill

5 Straits View #01-22, Marina One, S(018935)

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