Kuro Maguro – Serving Huge Slices of Bluefin Tuna

The sister restaurant of Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining has opened a new place at Tanjong Pagar Centre, serving well, tuna as well. The bluefin tuna specialty shop has opened to much fanfare when it opened, sprouting long queue for those wanting to try the fresh red slices at affordable prices. It took us quite awhile to finally visit this place recently though I’m glad there wasn’t much queue already



Kiwami Meshi $42.80

Looking at the menu, we were first very confused since every item seems similar to the next item with tuna as its focus. We decided to go for the mixed bowl so at least we get some variety. Love the individual slices of sashimi, especially the ootoro which is sweet, fat and chunky. Each grain of rice was plump and sweet and the addition of the roes gave some saltiness to the overall palate. But the miso soup was a little bland, possible cos the donburi was so heavily flavoured we couldn’t taste much sweetness from the soup


Chikuwa Isobe $8.80

Japanese Bamboo Fishcakes

We wanted something that was non-Tuna, so we had these fishcakes which probably ended up the most surprising dish of the night. These centre-hollow fishcake was wrapped with seaweed to give the fragrance and texture. The fishcake wasn’t oily and it was the perfect 下酒菜! I would order this anytime!


Tempura Moriawase $14

Had the tempura as well. Overall I thought the batter was nicely done though the prawn lacked firmness. The sauce was light and sweet and complemented these deep fried vegetables nicely


We skipped ordering another portion of sashimi cos we thought it might be too much to handle but on hindsight, perhaps we should skipped the tempura and went for an additional portion of sashimi instead. The sashimi served here was done with the right cut, served fresh and sweet as well. No doubt if you are a fan of sashimi, you might just want to revisit this place again. Though I probably advice to go during dinner since lunch might be a little rushed to accommodate the lunch crowd

Kuro Maguro

7 Wallich Street


Tanjong Pagar Centre

Singapore 078884

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