Boruto – Japanese Tapas & Sake Bar

I first heard about Boruto from a friend and decided to drop by for dinner one day. The place has 2 levels. Tapas bar on the first and sake bar on the the second though you can still order food as well. The menu has a great variety, decked out in their standard menu, new items and promotion items listed at $10 each when I visited. It’s definitely enough of a draw to go back to savour their fusion of Japanese and European fare


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Boxes of sake on display


The Shochikubai Shira Kabegura Junmai Daiginjo was an easy one to drink. And a good one for food pairing

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Cornetto $15.80

Blue Fin Tuna chopped with Myoga, Served in Charcoal Cones


One of their new items, I like the presentation of the cones though it would earn brownie points if the soil is also edible as well. The chopped maguro has a natural sweetness to it, topped crunchy spring onion and the fragrance of the crispy charcoal cones to round off the dish


Sashimi Moriwase (4 Kind) $10 (Promotion)

Shoyu Caviar, Toasted Bonito, Grated Wasabi

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Zukki-ni Fries $6.80

Deep Fried Breaded Zucchini with Shaved Parmesan

This dish actually came after we were done with desserts cos we felt like we could afford another small bite so we had this with a highball. And I have to say it surprises in every way. Thinly cut zucchini in the middle, coated with a golden crisp outer layer mixed with layers of salted parmesan


Hotate + Cauliflower $18.80

Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops with Cauliflower Cream, Curried Cauliflower Florets

Huge, sweet, spongy scallops with hints of spice, finished with a sweet cauliflower sauce

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Tori Take Roll $15.80

Crispy Chicken Roulade Stuffed with Shitake Jam, Drizzled with Sauce Chinase

This was my favourite protein of all, because such a simple chicken dish can turn out so delicious. The flavours of the mushroom balanced by the tenderness of the chicken with a nice and crisp chicken skin


Beef Short Ribs 58 Degrees $18.80

Roasted “Sous Vide” Beef Short Ribs with Japanese Pumpkin Puree & Rainbow Carrot Shavings

I would have preferred the beef to be a touch more tender but I like the combination with the pumpkin puree


Kurobuta “Sio Bak” $20.80

Roasted Japanese Black Pork Belly with Grain Mustard Mash & Seasonal Vegetables

I like the tenderness of the pork but I think it could have a little more fragrance to it. The crispy pork skin was just delicious

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Truffle Hiyashi Somen $15.80

Cold Somen Tossed with Truffle Emulsion & Shio Konbu, Topped with Truffle & Sakura Ebi

Probably one of the best somen I’ve come across. The plate of cold noodles was marinated in a light drizzle of truffle oil and each strand cooked to perfection. Love the sakura ebi that give that sweetness and crunch and the saltiness of the caviar to bring up the flavour of the dish


Ebi Tempura Donburi $10 (promotion)

Another dish I enjoyed, a mean bowl of rice mixed with hints of curry and crispy prawn bites. Definitely a must try


Warabi Mochi $6.80

Jelly-like Confection made from Bracken Starch & Coated with Kinako


Chocolate Surprise $12.80

Half Cake, Half Souffle, Liquid Centre. Served with Homemade Vanilla Icecream & Roasted Peanuts


Matcha Terrine $12.80

White Chocolate Matcha Terrine with Japanese Red Bean & Yuzu Cream

The desserts were good as well and brought a sweet ending to the night

Personally, I enjoyed this place for the food and the sake. I thought they managed to keep the basics with an addition of elegant flair to their dish and there seems to be an element of surprise somehow somewhere. I think this place is worth a visit if you like something different and looking for a place to unwind after work

Boruto Singapore

Golden Castle Building

80 South Bridge Road, #01-01,


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