Birders – Fire Birds & Sake @ Tras Street

Birders moved into Tras street recently and when we visited, they were only opened for business for 3 weeks. The menu is conceptualised by chef Makoto Deguchi, who is a frequent face in Singapore food scene. The interior is very modern, and it feels different from your usual yakitori places. On first glance, I thought perhaps this might be a Korean Fried Chicken restaurant =/



Appetisers to start

The friends thought this was quite weird. I thought it was okay, but it might not particularly fit well


Tsukune $4.50/stick

With Onsen Egg & Tare

Probably one of their recommended dishes, the Tsukune was probably one of the more disappointing Tsukune I’ve eaten. On first bite, I have no thoughts. The texture feels a little different here, it tasted more like minced meat with lacked of seasoning and lack of punch


Beef Skirt $6.50 (left) Cartilage $4 (right)


Umami Corn $6

I think the corn left us the most confused. We thought it would come in a more edible form. Even though the corn came in slices of 3, the big pieces topped with condiments make it very difficult to eat. I think perhaps they need to recreate this dish from the eater’s point of view. This is just, not do-able


Sweet Potato $4

The sweet potato left many disappointed. We were expecting the soft, sweet and melt-in-your-mouth kind of sweet potato, only to be met with a normal-tasting hanzi


Quail Eggs $5


Birders Wings $10

With Black Vinegar & Sake

The friends thought this dish was pretty good. But I think it could have improved with a little more seasoning and a better execution


Curry Croquettes $10

I like the croquettes. A sweet curry sauce with minced meat within the breaded shell, this was probably one of the better dishes of the night


Kawa Senbei $10

We felt like this dish was a mistake. It was far too oily and we didn’t make it through the second piece


Egg Tempura $8

Not quite what to say of this dish but it very much tasted like egg with flowing yolk on a soft and underwhelming tempura base


Age Harumaki $10

Fish paste and sweet corn


Oyako Don $10

We concluded that this was the best dish of the night. Even though it lacked far from Japan’s standard, but I think Birder’s version was pretty okay. The chicken was marinated nicely and there was fragrance when you eat the dish as a whole

Honestly, the meal was so disappointing we had Macs for supper. I think the yakitori lacked flavours and the smokiness. The sharing plates were normal but nothing outstanding. I’m not too sure if it’s opening jitters but I hope they definitely improve in time to come. If not fire birds one day will become dead birds… #justsaying


55 Tras Street

Singapore 078994 

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