Porta – Serving Modern European Cuisine at Park Hotel

Porta took over the now-defunct Brizo at Park hotel, serving modern European cuisine at affordable prices. Part of the hotel is still under renovation, but the restaurant is located on the ground floor just beside the main entrance. Helmed by Chef Michael Suyanto who was previously from Bistro du Vin, the restaurant serves set lunches on weekday and ala carte on weekend




Complimentary bread


Spanish Octopus $18

Octopus leg from Ria de Arousa with patatas bravas

The friend liked the potatoes more than the octopus. I thought the octopus was decent. Paired with a sweet and tangy sauce, the meat was succulent and had a nice charred taste. But I thought it would be better if it is more fragrant


Foie Gras $24

Pan seared foie gras with brioche and onion marmalade sprinkled with crushed dragée

Love the foie gras which was cooked perfectly. Packed with so much richness, I like the addition of the crushed dragée that added a little fun to the dish


Truffle Carbonara $24

Chitarra topped with 62 degree egg confit and crispy Iberico ham chips drizzled with truffle oil

The truffle carbonara was pretty delicious. Mixed with a runny yolk and creamy sauce with flavours bursting from Iberico ham, the combination was perfect, finished with a glaze of truffle


Iberico Pork Secreto $26

Iberian pork shoulder glazed with honey mustard served with mash

The pork was not too bad. But perhaps I was already too full by then. I like the overall flavours of this dish where you can taste the sweetness and fragrance of the meat with some fats to chew on



Coconut Blancmange $12

Coconut flavored custard with passion fruit coulis and crumbles

 I find fault with its presentation cos the cup they served was misty and condensed after refrigerated for some time. This dessert would be perfect if you need something sour to end the meal. The passion fruit hits your palate followed by a sweet aftertaste

I thought Porta was pretty not bad. The menu isn’t extensive but it serves a variety of dishes though I hope their menu will expand in time to come. That being said, I’m sure you will be able to find one that fits your palate. It makes a good place to hang out and chill if you want somewhere quiet in the bustling Robertson quay area


Park Hotel

1 Unity Street

Singapore 237983

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